Rhinoplasty Patient 9**

Procedures: Rhinoplasty, Cheek/Chin Implants Age: 32 Skin Tone: Light

About This Patient

This 32 year old, status post 3 prior rhinoplasties, requested Dr. Parker to improve the appearance of her nose. Specifically, the patient desired a sleeker dorsum and more defined nasal tip. She also requested a chin implant to make her chin somewhat more prominent and create better balance with her nose. Using an open rhinoplasty technique, Dr. Parker reduced the bony and cartilaginous excess on the nasal dorsum and performed infractures to appropriately narrow the width of the upper part of the nose. He then sculpted the tip of the nose to give it a more delicate appearance by removing excess cartilage, inserting a cartilage graft to replace missing cartilage and using sutures to mold the cartilage into the desired shape. Through a small submental incision, Dr. Parker inserted a #2 extended anatomic chin implant to build out the chin. The patient recovered quickly from this surgery and was pleased with the natural, but improved appearance of her nose and chin.