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Woman lies on her side on the bed with her head propped up in her hand (model)

Can You Treat My Capsular Contracture Without Surgery?

Breast augmentation is the most popular procedure at our plastic surgery practice in Paramus, New Jersey, and we love seeing so many happy patients get the shapely curves they've always wanted. Occasionally, however, patients who've had prior breast augmentation experience a condition called capsular contracture, where the tissue around their implants will harden. If you …

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Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Treating Sensitive Skin with Obagi

If you have sensitive skin, you likely know how difficult it is to diagnose and treat your own skin problems. There are so many factors that contribute to skin sensitivity, and products that are intended to fix one problem often inflame another. At our Beaura Spa, we understand that not all sensitive skin is created …

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