Breast Procedures

Feeling feminine and loving your breasts is a true joy. Dr. Paul Parker, a breast enhancement specialist and board-certified plastic surgeon, and his team in Paramus support each patient from Ridgewood and throughout Bergen County, North New Jersey, and surrounding areas in fulfilling her specific vision of femininity with a range of breast enhancement procedures.

Breast Augmentation

Replace lost volume or enlarge naturally small breasts with the latest silicone or saline implants. Learn More

Breast Lift

Defy gravity and time by restoring a more youthful breast shape. Add implants or fat grafting for increased fullness too. Learn More

Breast Asymmetry

If your breasts are different sizes, shapes, or both, there’s no need to live with noticeable asymmetry. Learn More

Breast Reduction

Renew your quality of life—both physically and emotionally—with a breast size that fits your frame and lifestyle. Learn More

Breast Implant Revision

Improve your results from a previous surgery or upgrade your implants for the beautiful breast size and shape you want. Learn More

Capsular Contracture Correction

Our surgical and nonsurgical options can relieve tightness and pain while enhancing your breast contours. Learn More

Tuberous Breast Surgery

More complicated than breast augmentation, this procedure can give one or both breasts a full, round, natural shape. Learn More

Breast Implant Removal

Whether you’re struggling with a complication or your preferences have changed, explant surgery is a possible solution. Learn More

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