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Patient of the Month for June 2013 – The Modern Facelift

This month’s Featured Patient demonstrates Dr. Parker’s state-of-the-art facelift technique, designed to provide patients with a natural-looking, youthful appearance and lasting results. Today’s facelift is personalized for each patient and often includes non-surgical procedures to refine the patient’s final appearance. It’s a far cry from the results that could be obtained even 30 years back, …

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Patient of the Month for March 2013 – Lipoabdominoplasty & Liposuction of the Hips

This month’s featured patient underwent lipoabdominoplasty and liposuction of the hips during the same surgery to restore her midsection following multiple pregnancies. This powerful combination of procedures, which we perform frequently at the Parker Center, allowed us to achieve the following for this patient: remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen by combining liposuction with …

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Patient of the Month for February 2013 – Facelift

This month’s Featured Patient highlights facelift surgery. A well done, state of the art facelift should rejuvenate a patient to make them look more youthful and well rested, specifically avoiding an “operated look”. A recent study in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal showed that patients  5 ½ years (on average) after their face lift …

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