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Facts About Gynecomastia in Adolescents

Gynecomastia, or oversized male breasts, is not at all uncommon in young men. The condition is attributed to an imbalance of hormones, meaning that it can sometimes be a short-lived problem. In these cases, males experience an unnatural estrogen-testosterone balance due to puberty. Symptoms may disappear in as little as a few weeks or could …

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Downtime After A Mommy Makeover

Looking to get your pre-pregnancy body back? It has become increasingly popular for patients to undergo multiple contouring and enhancement procedures at one time after having children. In fact, many practitioners, including the Parker Center, now offer a customized combination of surgeries for mothers known as the mommy makeover. The makeover is geared towards women …

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Amanda Loves Her Natural Breast Augmentation Results

Amanda had considered a breast augmentation procedure for quite some time before deciding it was right for her. Selecting the right surgeon was important to her, and she definitely did her homework before she chose the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery for her procedure. She consulted with a few surgeons before selecting Dr. Parker. “A …

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