Downtime After A Mommy Makeover

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Looking to get your pre-pregnancy body back? It has become increasingly popular for patients to undergo multiple contouring and enhancement procedures at one time after having children. In fact, many practitioners, including the Parker Center, now offer a customized combination of surgeries for mothers known as the mommy makeover. The makeover is geared towards women looking to regain their shape after having one or several children, and it usually involves the patient undergoing breast surgery, liposuction, and a tummy tuck–although any number of surgery combinations are possible.

There are many benefits to undergoing multiple procedures simultaneously. The patient will only go through one recovery period, as opposed to multiple recoveries. Also the exact procedures are customizable to what the patient is looking for. A mommy makeover can vary from person to person depending on what they are hoping to achieve.

Typical recovery time for a mommy makeover runs from six to eight weeks. Based on how you are recovering, your surgeon will let you know when it is safe to start an exercise regimen once again. During this time you can expect to have one last follow-up visit with your plastic surgeon. Visit the Parker Center’s mommy makeover page for more surgery details and additional resources: /mommy-makeover-new-jersey/

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