Monthly Archives: March 2009

The Latest in Male Breast Reduction: New Jersey Men Kicking Their Insecurities One Procedure at a Time

When it comes to male breast reduction, New Jersey men are kicking their physical embarrassment and insecurities one surgical procedure at a time. And not surprisingly, the procedure has grown equally popular nationwide-- as recent statistics from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery show that American men underwent 20,280 male breast reduction procedures in …

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My Thoughts on Why Digital Imaging is so Vital for New Jersey Cosmetic Surgery Patients

Our professional imager, Liz Kobb, made a very interesting statement this week that really hit home regarding the importance of digital imaging for our New Jersey cosmetic surgery patients. I was actually chatting with Liz about how nerve wracking it must be for patients at other cosmetic surgery practices that have to cut out pictures, …

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When it comes to Breast Implants, New Jersey Residents Choose the Parker Center

We’ve been told by hundreds of patients that when it comes to breast implants, New Jersey and New York residents prefer the Parker Center hands down over the area competition. Why the confident responses? Well for starters, when it comes to breast augmentation, New Jersey residents choose the Parker Center based on their state of …

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