When it comes to Breast Implants, New Jersey Residents Choose the Parker Center

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

We’ve been told by hundreds of patients that when it comes to breast implants, New Jersey and New York residents prefer the Parker Center hands down over the area competition.

Why the confident responses?

Well for starters, when it comes to breast augmentation, New Jersey residents choose the Parker Center based on their state of the art technology and ability to walk a patient through breast enhancement before actually going under the knife.

Specifically, this includes a personal photo session to help the patient get an accurate idea of what her breasts would look like following augmentation surgery.  Based on the digital images, a woman can then decide if she wants to go bigger or smaller than originally planned.

Furthermore, we also provide our patients with a special bra filled with the implant size of their choice so they can truly see the way their breasts would look and feel under clothing.  This also helps a patient to accurately gauge their desired implant size.

Clearly, our shaping and sizing sessions are a huge benefit for women that desire larger breasts, yet feel nervous about making such a permanent decision without seeing some version of the final product.

Second, and equally important, is the dedication to patient safety within the Parker Center.  The Parker Center uses one specific team Janet Franceschi, New Jersey Plastic Surgery Office Coordinatorof anesthesiologists for all surgical procedures–thus ensuring the highest level of safety in this particular area of medicine. Similarly, Dr. Parker, (who is one of the area’s most experienced plastic surgeons) operates in the same onsite and fully certified ambulatory facility using the same supporting RN’s and technicians.  Additionally, his vast experience and judgment lead to predictable results and very satisfied patients.

Furthermore, Dr. Parker performs every breast implant procedure himself; therefore, patients can stand confident that they will not be a guinea pig for students or rookie cosmetic surgeons with limited surgical experience.  This factor and the other safety factors mentioned above are some of the top reasons why our patients will refer friends and family for years to come.  They know their loved one can be trusted at our facility.

Finally, after choosing the Parker Center for breast implants, New Jersey residents generally cite our methods for expedited healing as one of the main benefits of the practice.  Specifically, the Parker Center has a very strict protocol (including the use of medication and herbs before surgery) to reduce the typical amount of pain, bruising or swelling that patients experience post-operatively.  Furthermore, 3 lymphatic drainage massages are included with every cosmetic procedure to help rapidly reduce swelling and speed up the overall recovery process.

But don’t just take our word for it.  Call (201) 967-1212 to set up a consultation with Dr. Parker himself.  You’ll be amazed at the difference.

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