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Dr. Parker and the OR team attending to a patient

Your Safety Standards Checklist for Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

When choosing a plastic surgeon for a cosmetic procedure, patients mainly focus on getting amazing results with minimum recovery time. However, your safety and peace of mind during the process are equally important. At Parker Center for Plastic Surgery, we provide a culture of plastic surgery safety for patients from Paramus, NJ, and surrounding areas. …

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Couple who received plastic surgery at the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery in Paramus, NJ

How to Recover Safely After Plastic Surgery

When people think of plastic surgery, many picture the amazing results produced by popular procedures. However, enhanced breasts or a contoured waistline don’t appear as soon as you leave the operating room. Beautiful results are possible when you’re smart and thoughtful during the recovery journey. As a plastic surgeon in Paramus, NJ, I always remind …

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Do Compression Garments Really Help Plastic Surgery Results?

While they may not receive a lot of attention, compression garments can be a patient’s best friend after plastic surgery, improving comfort during the early stages of recovery plus helping healing, so your results can look their best. Compression is almost always prescribed after surgical body contouring procedures such as liposuction and  at our New …

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Lymphatic Massage for Rapid Recovery

Your cosmetic surgery procedure at the Parker Center includes three post-operative Manual Lymphatic Massage treatments. It’s part of our . Our patients look forward to these relaxing, gentle treatments, but the therapeutic benefits go beyond feeling refreshed. This highly specialized massage technique has been shown to: Improve flow of lymph, which reduces swellingPromote healing of injuries/incisionsMove toxins out of the …

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Plastic Surgery for Men – How to Ensure a Smooth Recovery

For men, choosing to undergo male plastic surgery is a major decision that can have a profound impact on your life. Male plastic surgery is extremely common with over 1.25 million male cosmetic procedures performed in 2012, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons recent study. Many men are concerned about the recovery process and recovery time …

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Pam Finds Parker Center for Plastic Surgery Awesome After Three Mediocre Consultations

Pam is a married, 44-year old mother of three, who works part-time and was looking to have a breast augmentation. After 3 pregnancies and nursing, Pam’s breasts had deflated from a “D” cup down to a “B.” She also felt that she had some sagging. “I know nothing’s ever the same after pregnancy, but I …

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