Lymphatic Massage for Rapid Recovery

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Your cosmetic surgery procedure at the Parker Center includes three post-operative Manual Lymphatic Massage treatments. It’s part of our Rapid Recovery Program. Our patients look forward to these relaxing, gentle treatments, but the therapeutic benefits go beyond feeling refreshed. This highly specialized massage technique has been shown to:

  • Improve flow of lymph, which reduces swelling
  • Promote healing of injuries/incisions
  • Move toxins out of the body
  • Carry protein and white blood cells to the blood
  • Enhance circulation
  • Improve the overall health of the body

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Because the only catalyst for moving fluid along the lymphatic system is muscle movement, it is easy for it to become bogged down. When this happens, the body feels sluggish and even sick because toxins are not being passed out of the body and cells are not getting the necessary nutrients.

By gently massaging the area, using a very light touch and various strokes and patterns, the movement of lymph can be improved, even when you’re resting more than usual during your recovery.

How does it work?

Every patient, no matter what kind of surgical procedure, benefits from the gentle touch of lymphatic massage. It may be difficult to imagine getting  a massage just 8–10 days after surgery, but because the touch is so gentle, tender post-op surgical sites respond well to the techniques that stimulate the lymph vessels in the skin. Most patients notice a difference right away.

Using specific patterns and circular strokes, the lymph is directed to the lymph nodes closest to the surgical site. The motion takes fluid that has built up at the surgical site and gets it moving. The overall effect is reduced swelling. By moving the stagnant fluid away from the surgical site, it also moves the toxins away from the sensitive site, which gives the body a greater ability to heal itself.

There are many lymph nodes located throughout the body, but the three nodes used for post-op MLD massage at The Parker Center Medi-Spa are:

  • axillary nodes (armpits)
  • inguinal nodes (groin)
  • popliteal nodes (behind the knees)

The lymph is directed to the closest node to the surgical site. For example, for breast augmentation, the lymph is directed to the axillary nodes.

Because of the many benefits of lymphatic massage, New Jersey patients are encouraged to continue their treatments beyond the three prescribed sessions. Our Parker Center Medi-Spa massage therapists are highly trained in the very specific techniques of lymphatic massage. Our New Jersey massage therapists are huge proponent of this therapy treatment, not just for Dr. Parker’s post-operative patients but for anyone.

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