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Dr. Parker Talks Tummy Tucks: Figuring Out a Treatment Plan for Top-Notch Results

Before & After: Tummy Tuck* before                                                  after Great tummy tuck results begin with a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your goals. In the first part of our tummy tuck talk with Dr. Parker, we learned what special steps he takes during an abdominoplasty procedure to ensure the most beautiful results possible for his New Jersey …

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Dr. Parker Talks Tummy Tucks: Nitty-Gritty Details That Will Ease Your Worries About Tummy Tuck Surgery, Recovery, and Scars

Did you ever wonder what goes into creating a really beautiful tummy tuck result? We recently interviewed Dr. Parker, whom we consider an authority on tummy tuck surgery—he’s performed thousands of procedures with beautiful results. He shared with us fascinating details about techniques he uses to help reduce post-op discomfort, lower risk for unpleasant side …

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Tired of Seeing Acne Scars? These Technology Advancements Can Help

Old acne issues can leave discoloration and pockmarks, hurting your self-esteem and making you feel self-conscious. Patients come to us from across New Jersey looking for acne scar treatments that can improve their complexion.  Wondering if there’s hope you can ever enjoy clear, smooth skin again? According to a report outlining a handful of recent …

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