Surgery After Weight Loss

With the growing popularity of gastric bypass surgery to treat obesity, we have seen a dramatic increase in patients from Ridgewood and throughout Bergen County, North New Jersey, and surrounding cities seeking body contouring after this procedure. Likewise, patients who have lost weight through diet and exercise or following pregnancy often want to address excess, sagging skin that remains after achieving their goal weight.

Dr. Parker’s goal with post-weight loss body contouring surgery in Paramus, NJ, is to remove the extra skin in affected areas and leave scars that are as inconspicuous as possible. After body contouring surgery, patients will have tighter, smoother skin that both looks and feels better in clothing.

Dr. Paul Parker

Paul M. Parker, M.D., FACS

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Known for his surgical talent and caring personality, Dr. Parker has been serving the community for over 35 years. He has dedicated his practice to the education, safety, and comfort of his patients—making each one feel as important as family.

The Aesthetic Society; American Society of Plastic Surgeons; International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery; The Rhinoplasty Society
The Aesthetic Society; American Society of Plastic Surgeons; International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery; The Rhinoplasty Society

Post-Weight Loss Surgery vs. Post-Bariatric Surgery

Post-weight loss surgery refers to any plastic surgery procedure or procedures performed to address excess skin and sagging tissues after massive weight loss. Since many patients have had bariatric surgery to lose the weight, it is also called post-bariatric surgery. However, the same procedures can be used for patients who lost that weight through diet and exercise. Other names for post-weight loss surgery include post-bariatric body lifting and post-weight loss body contouring.

Options for Surgery After Weight Loss

Body contouring procedures after weight loss are not the same for every patient. It may be best to think of “surgery after weight loss” as an umbrella term for a collection of plastic surgery procedures that lift and tighten specific areas of the body. The following commonly performed procedures can be performed individually or in combination:

  • Body lift combines a tummy tuck with an outer thigh and buttock lift to reduce excess skin, tighten abdominal muscles, and restore a smoother, more natural body contour.
  • Bra line back lift reduces fat bulges and sagging skin of the mid to upper back with a scar that can be hidden by the back band of a bra.
  • Arm lift removes excess lax skin on the upper arm to restore firm contours.
  • Thigh lift tightens sagging skin on the upper leg to improve contours and reduce chafing.

At your consultation, Dr. Parker will listen closely to understand what you hope to achieve, evaluate your areas of concern, and explain your options to make your desired changes.

Why Liposuction by Itself Is Usually Not an Option

While Dr. Parker may use it to enhance the results of a body lifting procedure, liposuction alone will rarely achieve the desired results. Liposuction reduces unwanted fat only, and for post-weight loss patients, excess skin is usually the main problem, not fat. In fact, for a patient with poor skin elasticity, liposuction without surgery to remove the excess skin may worsen the sagging appearance.

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