‘It Changed My Life Completely’: A Patient’s Plastic Surgery Experience at Parker Center

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By the time Connie Y. met with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Parker for the first time, she had shed 130 pounds through dieting and regularly exercising. She hired a trainer to help her and eventually reached her goal weight.

The satisfaction with accomplishing her weight loss goal, however, was tempered by the loose skin hanging from her body.

“I didn’t feel confident in my appearance,” said Connie. “It was very depressing.”

Finding the Right Surgeon

She started looking for plastic surgeons in New Jersey, and a friend referred her to Dr. Parker. She scheduled a consultation and left the office knowing she’d found her surgeon.

“He has a very soothing and competent manner. He answered all my questions and, along with his nurse, Angela, ensured I was prepared for everything.”

The Surgical Plan

Dr. Parker worked out a plan with Connie to stage several surgeries to address her concerns.

“It was the best decision I ever made,” said Connie, who is 64. “It boosted my confidence, and people at my work see how happy I am with my results. It changed my life completely.”

Stage 1: The Thrill of the First Results

In February 2022, Connie underwent a combination of breast augmentation with a breast lift, along with lipo-abdominoplasty (liposuction combined with a tummy tuck.) Connie admitted that she was worried before the first operation about having surgery.

Her fears evaporated after her initial experience.

“I recovered very well, and I just wanted to get the other procedures done,” she said. Connie said she returned to work within 10 days of the procedure and healed so well partly because of Dr. Parker’s precise incisions.

Stages 2 & 3: The Finishing Touches

Within the next 5 months, Dr. Parker performed a body lift and vertical inner thigh lift during one operation and an extended brachioplasty (arm lift) during a third and final procedure.

A Bonding Experience

“She’s a wonderful lady who bonded with the entire team at the Parker Center and the Surgiplex (the Parker Center’s fully accredited surgical suite),” said Dr. Parker. “She cruised through these procedures, always with a smile on her face and very grateful to the team who cared for her and helped her change her life.”

Connie credits Dr. Parker and his team with making her feel “so comfortable and confident” throughout her experience. “They just became like a family to me. I’ll be forever grateful to Dr. Parker and his staff.”

Life After Surgery

Since her surgeries, Connie has referred her cousin and others to the Parker Center. She continues to work out with a trainer and watch what she eats so she can enjoy her transformation. Studies have shown that people who get plastic surgery after weight loss to remove excess skin are more likely to keep weight off than people who don’t get skin removal surgery.

Start Your Own Body Contouring Journey

If you’ve lost significant weight and want to take the next step in your body contouring journey, request a consultation with Dr. Parker using the online form. You can also call us at (201) 967-1212, and a member of our friendly team will schedule your appointment.

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