Monthly Archives: August 2010

New Jersey Breast Augmentation Patient, Nicole, Nixes Nicotine and Regains Her Figure

"Who wants to be 28 years old and have breasts like an 8 year old?" asked Nicole when discussing her New Jersey breast augmentation. This good question led Nicole, a mother of three, to Parker Surgery Center and New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Parker.  Breast augmentation surgery was something she had been thinking about …

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New Jersey Plastic Suregry Patient, Josh, Returns to College with New Confidence

Referred to New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Parker by his family physician, 19-year old Josh did not want to go back to college after last year.  Uncomfortable taking off his shirt because of his "man boobs", Josh made the decision to investigate surgery in New Jersey. Gynecomastia, or enlargement of the male breasts is …

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New Jersey Plastic Surgery Patient Relished the Time and Attention She Got From The Parker Center Staff

Leanne, 28, had been to three other plastic surgeons before her New Jersey breast augmentation and rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Parker at The Parker Center for Plastic Surgery. She wishes he had been the first surgeon she visited, but he was definitely the last consultation she needed. “From the moment I walked in….no, from the …

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New Jersey Rhinoplasty Patient Before & After

Patient of the Month for August 2010 – Rhinoplasty

26-year-old model Mesha, referred to Dr. Parker by another patient, requested an improvement in the appearance of her nose. She desired a more defined, less bulbous tip, and she wanted to reduce the width of her nostrils. Dr. Parker explained to her that she would benefit from an open tiplasty. He would remove the excessive …

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