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Woman who underwent a liposuction procedure at the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery in Paramus, NJ (model)

4 Signs You’re Ready to Try Liposuction

Many of us struggle with unwanted fat bulges and bumps as the years go by. They can occur around the midsection, legs, and upper arms and persistently stay in place. Some people turn to shapewear garments to smooth out trouble spots, while others hide their bodies with loose clothing. Many men and women would like …

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Do Compression Garments Really Help Plastic Surgery Results?

While they may not receive a lot of attention, compression garments can be a patient’s best friend after plastic surgery, improving comfort during the early stages of recovery plus helping healing, so your results can look their best. Compression is almost always prescribed after surgical body contouring procedures such as liposuction and  at our New …

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Types of Liposuction and Your Safety

Since its introduction in the 1980’s,  has undergone significant improvements in technique and results. The cannulae, or suction tubes, used to extract unwanted fat have become smaller and more efficient over time. Connecting these metal cannulae to a vacuum based liposuction aspiration machine has been referred to as Traditional Liposuction (also known as SAL or suction …

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2011 Shows Another Increase in Plastic Surgery Procedures

Recently, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, released their 2011 Plastic Surgery Procedural Statistics Report. In this report, which was discussed on NBC’s “Today Show,”  the stats show that that across the board procedure rates are up 5% from 2010 for men and women. The rise in procedures may be a marker of consumer confidence, but …

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Bikinis Now Part of Vacation Wear for New Jersey Mom after Lipoabdominoplasty and Breast Reduction at The Parker Center

Joanne, 58 year old mother of two, decided it was time to get rid of her 36DDs. She researched on the Web and even though The Parker Center was not all that close to her, she decided it was worth the drive for New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker to evaluate her situation. “My breasts …

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