Plastic Surgery Price Guarantee

The Parker Center Price Guarantee

All surgical procedures are performed in our private, accredited surgery center, Surgiplex LLC.

This means:
  • Prices are guaranteed for up to 3 months
  • You won't be charged any overtime fees
  • We don't have to worry about time restrictions

When preparing for plastic surgery, you have many things to consider, and the cost is usually top-of-mind. At Parker Center for Plastic Surgery, we believe in total transparency when it comes to pricing and offer a plastic surgery cost guarantee to our Paramus, NJ, patients. Opting for a cosmetic procedure is challenging enough, so we try to avoid any unexpected cost fluctuations.

All our surgical procedures are performed in our private, accredited surgery center, Surgiplex, LLC, so we don’t have to worry about time restrictions or having to charge you for the overage. This is our price guarantee to you!

What You Need To Know About Our Price Guarantee

Most providers perform their surgical procedures in a hospital or surgery center. If the patient’s procedure exceeds the allotted time, additional facility charges may be reflected in the final bill. But at our practice, the price you are quoted at your initial consultation will hold steady for 6 months.

The allotted time for different cosmetic procedures is not set in stone. Here are some factors that can impact your surgery’s time frame.

  • Cleaning and prep time needed for the procedure 
  • The intricacies of the procedure 
  • If you are having a single or combination procedure 
  • If monitoring is required after your procedure 
  • Your general health  

To find out more about our price guarantee, procedure costs, payment options, or financing, request a consultation or call us at (201) 967-1212 to schedule an appointment.