Monthly Archives: November 2010

Male Breast Reduction – New Jersey Patient John gets Newfound Confidence and Peace

John, a 20-year old college student, suffered for years worrying about his larger than normal breasts.  John had a medical condition known as gynecomastia, or enlargement of the male breasts.  This is a relatively common condition that can affect younger and older men.  It also can affect just one breast or both. "You're really self-conscious.  …

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Breast Augmentation – New Jersey Patient Michelle Believes Dr. Parker was “Worth the Wait”

Michelle is a married, 35-year old working mom to an 8 year old. In May of this year she finally had the long-desired breast augmentation. New Jersey resident, Michelle had wanted to have breast surgery since she was in her early 20's but never found the right doctor. "I researched doctors and websites for years …

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Patient of the Month for November 2010 – Rhinoplasty

This month’s Featured Patient is a 25-year-old woman, referred to Dr. Parker by several other patients. Angela expressed concern about the appearance of her nose and lower eyelids. Specifically, she did not like the bump on her nose or her drooping nasal tip, which worsened when she smiled. She also asked to have the puffiness …

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