Breast Augmentation – New Jersey Patient Michelle Believes Dr. Parker was “Worth the Wait”

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Michelle is a married, 35-year old working mom to an 8 year old. In May of this year she finally had the long-desired breast augmentation. New Jersey resident, Michelle had wanted to have breast surgery since she was in her early 20’s but never found the right doctor.

“I researched doctors and websites for years but I never found one where I liked the before and after photos. The after photos always looked weird and strangely unnatural, said Michelle.

Barely an A-cup after pregnancy and nursing, Michelle had decided that if all breast augmentations looked as fake as the photos she had seen, she’d live her life with her own small breasts.

One day her husband came home with a business card for The Parker Center in Paramus, New Jersey, that a friend’s wife had recommended. Michelle went on the internet and was shocked to see photos of women who looked completely normal.

Breast Augmentation New Jersey Image“I called Dr. Parker’s office and scheduled a consultation almost immediately. I didn’t see any other doctors. What was the point of wasting my time and theirs when I didn’t like their results,” said Michelle.

Her first visit to The Parker Center confirmed Michelle’s decision to have her breast augmentation. New Jersey surgeon, Dr. Parker, exhibited complete professionalism and made her absolutely comfortable, despite her usual feeling of unease around male doctors. This wasn’t so with Dr. Parker and this, coupled with the warmth of the staff, had her scheduling surgery almost right away.

Michelle’s surgery was done on a Thursday and she was back at work the following Tuesday. Other than a mild reaction to an antibiotic, Michelle’s recovery was a lot less painful than she anticipated and she’s completely thrilled with the result.

“I feel like they’re a part of me. They actually jiggle a little and that movement helps them seem more real. The implants are soft and natural looking. I feel so feminine now. I love them,” say Michelle.

Michelle appreciated the personalized patient care she received at The Parker Center. When she had the antibiotic problem, one of the nurses went above and beyond the norm and gave Michelle her personal cell phone number. Michelle was so appreciative of this dedication and service over a weekend no less.

Breast Augmentation New Jersey Image“I waited a long time to have this done. And let’s face it, it’s not inexpensive. But it was 100%, totally worth it. I would do it again in a heartbeat and I recommend Dr. Parker to anyone I hear talking about any cosmetic procedure,” says Michelle.

A natural looking result and a pain free recovery are the goals of The Parker Center. Dr. Parker and his dedicated staff look to ensure that every patient receives personalized care and attention along with the highest surgical standards. Their Rapid Recovery Program
helps reduce patient downtime and minimizes discomfort.

“My husband says it’s the best money he’s ever spent and he’d do it again without batting an eye. I feel so wonderful every time I try on clothes. It’s hard to describe how just looking more feminine and attractive can make you feel. I can not say enough wonderful things about Dr. Parker and his staff,” said Michelle.

If you’re interested in a natural looking breast augmentation New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Parker and his staff would like to invite you for a consultation. Call 201-967-1212 or visit us at

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