Monthly Archives: January 2013

Patient Safety: Check your surgeon, do your research

In October, a Florida woman visited a spa to get vitamin injections. She left with a disfigured face that eventually took five surgeries to correct. In Mississippi, another tragedy occurred when a woman underwent a buttock injection thought to help remove excess weight. A blood clot emerged, and she died. The medical examiner that performed …

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Gynecomastia Correction Surgery on the Rise

Enlarged breast tissue in men is a condition known as gynecomastia and has been thought to affect up to 40-percent of males. Gynecomastia is most often caused by hormonal changes and usually begins in puberty. Patients often find the situation resolves itself when hormones level out. A small number of cases, however, are caused by …

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Do’s and Dont’s for Beautiful Breasts

If you want to retain a healthy, youthful figure, you need to think about your whole body's health inside and out. Many women are considering plastic surgery to improve or restore their body after age and lifestyle choices have taken their toll. If beautiful breasts are something you feel are important, there are preventative measures …

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