Monthly Archives: September 2010

New Jersey: Breast Augmentation Consultation gave Jacqueline Confidence

Jacqueline is a 32-year old professional woman, who enjoys an active lifestyle.  She's a writer and a public figure who's used to being in the spotlight.  Jacqueline had been considering breast augmentation for several years, but because of her job, never wanted it to be too obvious. Jacqueline researched breast augmentation and The Parker Center …

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Gynecomastia: New Jersey Mom credits plastic surgery with son’s newfound self-confidence

For years, Eileen was unaware her 17 year old son, Matt suffered from gynecomastia.  Gynecomastia, or enlargement of the male breasts, is not unusual.  It can affect one breast or both and is relatively common in adolescent boys and older men.  Eileen was made aware of Matt's problem by her pediatrician at a routine physical …

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