New Jersey: Breast Augmentation Consultation gave Jacqueline Confidence

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Jacqueline is a 32-year old professional woman, who enjoys an active lifestyle.  She’s a writer and a public figure who’s used to being in the spotlight.  Jacqueline had been considering breast augmentation for several years, but because of her job, never wanted it to be too obvious.

Jacqueline researched breast augmentation and The Parker Center thoroughly online.  She also consulted the American Board of Plastic Surgeons to find board certified New Jersey plastic surgeons.  Jacqueline consulted with one other surgeon before selecting Dr. Parker.

What impressed Jacqueline the most about The Parker Center was all the information that is available online at the website.

“It was more of an educational approach on the website as opposed to just self promotion for the doctor.  I like the video testimonials and the videos that thoroughly explained the procedures to you,” said Jacqueline.

New Jersey Breast Augmentation ImageLater when Jacqueline had her consultation, she was totally impressed.  The office was calm, soothing and serene and most of all completely professional.  When she met Dr. Parker, she instantly had that “gut feeling” that he was the surgeon for her.  Jacqueline was also impressed with The Parker Center’s Rapid Recovery Program.

“The extras that come with the surgery, the vitamins, the medication plan and even the lymphatic massage show an extra level of care that I didn’t see with other practices.  Also, the patient coordinator gave me phone numbers of patients that I could call and speak to about their surgery and I did,” said Jacqueline.

Because she’s a public person, Jacqueline was very concerned about the size she chose for her implants and even had two sizing sessions with Liz, the Sizing Consultant at The Parker Center.  Jacqueline was very indecisive and thinks that taking the extra time for a second sizing was very important for her.

New Jersey Breast Augmentation Image“I had a wonderful experience, the staff was really attentive.  On the day of my surgery, my nurse had a presence about her; she was motherly and very comforting, and the anesthesiologist was just lovely.  Dr. Parker was so confident and wonderful.  I was really pleased with whole process,” said Jacqueline.

Now roughly one month after surgery, Jacqueline loves the size and shape of her breasts—“they’re just perfect”, she says. “The Rapid Recovery program lived up to its reputation in allowing me a quick, painless recovery after surgery. The whole experience was outstanding—I would recommend Dr. Parker and The Parker Center to anyone considering breast augmentation”.

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