Lisa Is Loving Life & Her New Figure After Mommy Makeover

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Lisa, 52, is a busy working mother of four who- like many women- never took time for herself.  With her youngest in high school, Lisa decided to go back to work.  Being on her feet all day and walking in her job, Lisa started to drop weight.  As the pounds dropped, and she was dropping clothing sizes, Lisa started thinking about plastic surgery.

“I’ve had four children all by cesarean sections. From all the pregnancies and surgeries, I had still had a pooch for a belly and my breasts were sagging and I really wanted to have something done,” said Lisa.

Lisa had been thinking about getting a New Jersey plastic surgery procedure for a very long time but always had kids to care for, or didn’t have the extra money, or telling herself she looked okay in clothes.  Once she was working, and had lost the weight, she decided it was the perfect time to take care of herself.

New Jersey Plastic Surgery ImageIn March 2010 Lisa, had a “mommy makeover” at The Parker Center.  Her surgery included a breast augmentation with lift, a tummy tuck, liposuction of the hips and fat injections to her buttocks.

Prior to coming to The Parker Center, Lisa had done her research and even consulted with three other plastic surgeons.  One day she was talking to her hairdresser who has had plastic surgery.  The hairdresser had a friend who had a breast augmentation and tummy tuck with Dr. Parker.

“She mentioned that she was very happy with the results of her surgery and the whole procedure with The Parker Center and Dr. Parker’s bedside manner, so I got his name and called.  I saw three other doctors but I liked Dr. Parker’s professional manner, he explained everything in detail.  He was very honest, didn’t sugarcoat anything, which I appreciated,” said Lisa.

Lisa’s experience with her cesarean sections gave her an understanding of how she would feel after her surgery.  She was mentally prepared, had done her research and was very determined and excited for her surgery.

New Jersey Plastic Surgery Image“I have to tell you what a great confidence booster this is.  I look and feel great.  I’ve changed my whole way of dressing.  I buy clothes that are much more body conscious now.  I get a lot of compliments male and female.  Everyone tells me I look great.  And I feel great.  It is so wonderful not to have that pooch anymore, it’s flat, it’s wonderful” said Lisa.

Lisa loves her new look and is thrilled with all the compliments she receives.  She loved the entire plastic surgery experience with The Parker Center.  Lisa especially loved the lymphatic massage and even now still goes in for Swedish massages.

“Every one was so nice and caring, very professional.  They were all very attentive, their demeanor was always very pleasant and responsive and positive and most of all honest,” said Lisa.

With mommy makeovers New Jersey moms turn back time. Dr. Paul M. Parker can give you back the figure you had prior to childbirth and nursing or even make it a little curvier.

If you are looking for cosmetic surgeons in New Jersey, call the Parker Center at (201) 967-1212 to schedule a mommy makeover or any other cosmetic surgery procedure consultation with Dr. Parker today!

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