Face Lift: A fresh, new look for back to school from The Parker Center

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Every summer for the last five years Consuelo would consider having a facelift.  New Jersey resident and school teacher, she was 59-years old and hated looking in the mirror. She looked tired, even with makeup and 8 hours sleep.

“When I saw Dr. Parker online, saw his picture and read about him, I got a good feeling. Then when I met him, I knew right away this was the doctor to do my surgery.  I had seen about five other doctors but Dr. Parker was the only one who made me feel that he could do what I wanted,” she said.

Consuelo was unhappy that every time she looked in the mirror all she saw was the wrinkles in her neck, the bags under her eyes and her “tired” look.  “I’d be at work, feeling good and then someone would ask me if I was sleeping enough, saying that I looked tired,” she noted.  Not wanting to accept this, she started looking into having a facelift.

Face Lift New Jersey ImageDr. Parker performed the surgery in July so Consuelo would be completely healed by the time school starts.  Now, just three weeks after surgery, friends, relatives and even her ophthalmologist are asking for Dr. Parker’s name and number.

The Parker Center staff are caring and professional, and they made Consuelo feel very comfortable about having her surgery.  They gave her detailed instructions to help her through her recovery and made her feel good even at her most nervous.

Face Lift New Jersey Image“The best thing is now when I look in the mirror, I see myself looking the way I feel on the inside,” she said.  Also all the compliments she has received have made her feel that choosing Dr. Parker for her New Jersey neck contouring and facelift was the best decision she could have made. “Now, I can’t wait for school to start,” says Consuelo.

All facelift New Jersey cosmetic surgery patients at The Parker Center get customized care.  Natural-looking results are achieved by Dr. Parker in his fully accredited, state of the art ambulatory surgical facility.  The Parker Center staff is fully trained and staffed by experienced registered nurses and board certified anesthesiologists.

No matter what your age, if you’re unhappy with the signs of aging on your face and neck you can benefit from a facial rejuvenation evaluation at The Parker Center for Plastic Surgery.

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