Gynecomastia: New Jersey Mom credits plastic surgery with son’s newfound self-confidence

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

For years, Eileen was unaware her 17 year old son, Matt suffered from gynecomastia.  Gynecomastia, or enlargement of the male breasts, is not unusual.  It can affect one breast or both and is relatively common in adolescent boys and older men.  Eileen was made aware of Matt’s problem by her pediatrician at a routine physical for school sports.

“He always wore big, baggy, hooded sweatshirts.  I was completely unaware of this problem.  I was completely shocked.” said Eileen.

In discussing Matt’s condition, the pediatrician recommended plastic surgery and gave Eileen several recommendations, including New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker.  Eileen chose Dr. Parker because he’s the plastic surgeon the pediatrician herself had used.

Gynecomastia New Jersey Image“You want the doctor that your doctor goes to” said Eileen.

Eileen never considered herself an advocate for elective plastic surgery. Unless the surgery was for reconstruction or deformities, Eileen always felt one should grow into your age and accept yourself for who you are.

Eileen changed her mind when she realized that her child was being ostracized and tormented by teammates and friends.  Like any good mother, she chose the path that would help her child the most, and she realized that what she thought about cosmetic surgery just wasn’t true.

“Matt never hesitated when asked if he wanted surgery. He instantly said yes and asked me to make the appointment. First, I had no idea he had this problem and then no idea of how much it had affected him,” said Eileen.

Matt enjoyed an easy recovery.  Painkillers didn’t agree with Matt’s stomach, but he managed fine with Tylenol.  He returned to school shortly after surgery with no restrictions.

Gynecomastia New Jersey ImageEileen stated, “He feels great and I know it’s changed his life.  His whole attitude has changed.  He’s a lot more confident.  He’s kind of a squeamish kid but he never hesitated to have this done. He’s wearing t-shirts all the time now.”

“In that practice everyone there from the receptionist to the nurses to the billing department is warm, wonderful, caring and thoroughly professional.  I can’t imagine having a better experience,” said Eileen of The Parker Center for Plastic Surgery.

Eileen and Matt’s experience with The Parker Center illustrates how very personal the decision is to have plastic surgery and how well performed surgery along with empathetic care can ease the recovery process. Finally, natural appearing results can positively change lives, both physically and emotionally.

Male breast reduction surgery can give you a flatter, firmer chest with improved contour and most importantly, self-confidence.  To learn more about Male Breast Reduction in New Jersey or any other cosmetic procedure visit us at

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