Male Breast Reduction – New Jersey Patient John gets Newfound Confidence and Peace

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John, a 20-year old college student, suffered for years worrying about his larger than normal breasts.  John had a medical condition known as gynecomastia, or enlargement of the male breasts.  This is a relatively common condition that can affect younger and older men.  It also can affect just one breast or both.

“You’re really self-conscious.  You don’t want to go anywhere where you’ll have to take off your shirt, like a friend’s pool or the beach,” says John.

For several years, John, who lives at home with his parents, had thought about having a male breast reduction.  New Jersey articles about the condition were clipped and given to him by his mom. She even found a plastic surgeon, but John decided to look into it more on his own.

Male Breast Reduction New Jersey ImageJohn looked around the internet, read patient reviews and looked at tons of before and after photos.  John narrowed it down to about three plastic surgeons to consider.  The first was New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Paula Parker.  John liked The Parker Center’s website, he felt it had a lot of educational information.  He also listened to the patient video testimonials and learned more about the procedure.

“I met with Dr. Parker and he was a real nice guy, very professional, made me feel really comfortable, right away.  Both my parents met him too and they were impressed.  I wouldn’t have done it if my parents weren’t confident in Dr. Parker,” said John.

John had no hesitation about going ahead with the surgery after he met with Dr. Parker for his consultation.  He felt he didn’t need to see any other doctors.  John had his surgery in late July, was up and about the same day and returned to most all activities within a few days.

Male Breast Reduction New Jersey Image“I had a really good recovery.  No real pain, just uncomfortable for the first few days.  Before I knew it I was back in my old routine.  And now I never have to think about my problem anymore.  It’s gone. I love the way I look and feel, now. Dr. Parker did a great job and his staff is awesome. Everything they told me about before surgery worked out that way and they took great care of me afterwards,” said John.

Gynecomastia correction is done by removing excess fatty deposits and breast tissue as necessary to achieve a flatter, firmer chest.  Dr. Parker and staff of The Parker Center have helped dozens of male breast reduction New Jersey patients regain their self- confidence and increase their self-esteem.

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