Breast Augmentation – New Jersey Patient Tonya Loves her New “Natural” Breasts

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Tonya is a 33-year old teaching professional who, when she’s not working, is busy chasing a two year old toddler.  After nursing her baby left her full “A” cup breasts deflated, uneven and barely able to fill a bra, she decided to have a breast augmentation.

New Jersey educator and researcher by profession, she took the same approach she would for her work when she was considering plastic surgery.  She researched the procedure, checked out the websites of several physicians and made appointments with five plastic surgeons in NJ and the local area for consultations.

The Parker Center was the second on her list and after meeting the staff and Dr. Parker, Tonya canceled the rest of her consultation appointments.

“I felt the website was very thorough, very educational about the process, not just centered around the doctor. There was substance there, not just fluff,” said Tonya.

Tonya thought that the entire office was a very professional, warm and caring place.  She had the same feeling when she had her first meeting with Dr. Parker.  Tonya is tall, but has a very slender torso.  She had concerns about breast surgery being too obvious on someone her size.  Understanding Tonya’s concerns about breast augmentation, New Jersey surgeon Dr. Parker assured her that she would look completely natural after surgery.

“From my first phone call everyone was so warm and knew their jobs so well.  The fact that I felt a trust with Dr. Parker, that was the deciding factor for me,” said Tonya.

Choosing an implant size was an issue for Tonya.  Because of her small frame, Tonya had concerns about choosing an implant that would be too big, but she also didn’t want to look back after surgery and regret not going larger.

Breast Augmentation New Jersey Image“I must have seen Liz, the breast sizing consultant, four times for sizing prior to my surgery.  It kept me up at night.  I kept dreaming that I would look too big, pushing a stroller around.  Liz was great, so patient with me.  First I had two fittings alone then I brought my husband along and a last fitting to make my final choice,” said Tonya.

Tonya is thrilled with her implants and glad she took the time to choose her implants carefully.  She feels that they look just as natural as Dr. Parker said they would.  Just one month after surgery, Tonya and her husband headed to Costa Rica for a vacation.

“I felt great in my bathing suit, which you live in down there.  I tell my mom all the time that if I had known how great this would be, I would have done it sooner,” said Tonya.

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