Willa Smaller Than When She Was a Teenager After Parker Tummy Tuck

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Willa is a 39-year old married mom of twins, who recently came to Dr. Parker for a New Jersey tummy tuck.  Willa had aNew Jersey tummy tuck history of gynecological surgeries first in her teens and most recently a hysterectomy at age 37.  All of these abdominal surgeries combined with a twin pregnancy had left Willa with no muscle or skin tone on her abdomen.  Tired of hiding her abdomen with clothes and people assuming she was pregnant, Willa decided it was time to consider surgery.

“I saw a plastic surgeon about seven years ago and he had told me that even 3,000 sit-ups a day would not get rid of the excess skin or improve my abdominal muscles.  I wanted to wait to have it done until after I was done having children.  So after my hysterectomy, I knew I was ready. I had been thinking about it for a long time,” explained Willa.

Willa had helped a friend’s son, who suffered from gynecomastia (enlargement of male breasts) research plastic surgeons and came upon Dr. Parker’s website.  After her friend’s son had his surgery with Dr. Parker, he and his mom were both so pleased that Willa decided to go for a consultation herself.

“I was mentally ready to do this; I had been thinking about it for about seven years, and I was tired of hiding my flabby abdomen.  Once I went to the Parker Center, I got a real good feeling.  It was so clean and everyone was so warm.  I knew Dr. Parker was the real deal, and my surgery was scheduled several weeks after my consult,” Willa stated.

It’s been five weeks since Willa had her surgery, and she’s already thrilled with her results.  Willa had liposuction on her hips and inner thighs in addition to her tummy tuck surgery.  With the Parker Tummy Tuck, patients spend the night at the Parker Center monitored by a registered nurse.  Constant overnight observation and assistance comforted Willa, helping her feel more secure about her procedure.

Willa stated that her recovery went exactly as Dr. Parker explained it would.  Dr. Parker had told her that she would be ready to go back to work after two to three weeks.  Willa went back after three weeks, and she no longer needed a compression garment for support.

Willa’s husband was very supportive of her having the surgery although he told her he thought she looked fine without it.  He knew that she had been thinking about for a very long time and had always been self-conscious about her abdomen.

Just five weeks post-op, Willa is amazed at how much trimmer her figure is.  Before her surgery Willa was between sizes 10-12.  Now she’s wearing a size 8 and anticipates being in a size 6 when the remaining swelling is gone.

“It’s unbelievable.  I’ve never been a size 6, not even as a teenager.  The smallest I ever was a size 10 and I had to work at that.  All that extra skin is gone and I’m not hiding behind my clothes.  It feels great,” said Willa.

Willa gives a lot of presentations to groups in her job. Before surgery, she was always careful to face her audience and never let them see her from the side.  Now she says she gives her presentations freely without thinking about how her audience can see her abdomen.

“My husband would joke with me that after spending the money we did on my tummy tuck, he better be able to bounce a quarter off my belly.  His first reaction after the swelling subsided was, ‘holy cow, I was joking when I said that, but I bet you could bounce a quarter off that!’” Willa said.

Willa loved the three manual lymphatic drainage massages that were a part of her post-operative care and even purchased an additional package of three massages.  She said she felt the benefits of each and every one of them and really believes that the massages aided in her rapid recovery.

By combining a traditional tummy tuck with liposuction and adding several other improvements, Dr. Parker is able toThe Parker Tummy Tuckprovide a better result for his patients.  The transformational results of a Parker Tummy Tuck have made it the surgery of choice for patients considering abdominoplasty.

If you are considering a tummy tuck or any other type of cosmetic surgery procedure, call the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery at 201-967-1212 for a consultation.  The team at the Parker Center can give you a beautiful, natural looking result in a safe, relaxed setting. Call now or visit us at www.parkercenter.net.

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