What You Need To Know About Liposuction

Excess fatty tissue is deposited in certain areas of the body based on our genetics, body weight, and gender. You can change your size through weight loss, but your shape will stay relatively the same.

Liposuction in New Jersey is an excellent way to reduce these diet- and exercise-resistant fatty deposits and improve your size and shape. Improving your contours with liposuction allows patients to look more proportional and wear clothes they previously could not. Psychologically, after liposuction, patients experience an improved self-esteem and an enhanced body image. They also feel more self-confident.

Improve your contours anywhere on the body

Liposuction is equally effective in men and women and is one of the most versatile fat reduction methods available, able to address unwanted fat even on the face, neck, arms and knees. Dr. Parker also frequently uses liposuction to enhance the results of facial surgery, breast enhancement, and other body contouring procedures. You can learn more about liposuction to specific areas by visiting the links below:

Are You a Good Candidate?

The best candidates in New Jersey for liposuction are patients near their ideal body weight with localized fat deposits.

Before & After*: an Ideal Liposuction Candidate

New Jersey Liposuction

before after*


An ideal candidate for liposuction is at or near her ideal body weight and has good skin elasticity.
*Results may vary.

If you don’t fit this ideal profile and still want to consider liposuction, don’t worry. Although the ideal patient will usually achieve an excellent result, patients with less than ideal criteria often obtain a very good result. Liposuction can provide an incentive for further weight loss in those patients who are slightly or moderately overweight.

Before & After* Liposuction: Moderately Overweight

New Jersey Liposuction

before after*

Moderately overweight patients can also benefit from liposuction.
*Results may vary.

Other Considerations

Good skin tone is one of the mainstays of successful liposuction results.* The better the skin tone, the better the skin will contract to fit the newly contoured fat following the procedure. Liposuction can improve overall shape in patients with loose skin, but it will not improve their skin laxity. In these cases, removal of excess skin with or without liposuction is more appropriate than liposuction by itself.

Lipoabdominoplasty to address excess skin and fat*

Liposuction New Jersey

before after

Loose skin and stretch marks cannot be treated with liposuction alone. This patient had a Parker tummy tuck, combining a tummy tuck with liposuction of the hips & torso to tighten and reshape the entire abdomen.
*Results may vary.

Liposuction can’t help with generalized obesity, intra-abdominal fat, or very loose skin. It is complementary to diet and exercise, not a substitute for it. Also, liposuction alone will not improve cellulite.

About the Surgery

Liposuction in New Jersey is performed in our fully accredited on-site ambulatory surgical facility, Surgiplex, LLC. The procedure takes anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on how many areas are being treated. Patients are made comfortable with monitored intravenous sedation or general anesthesia.

For each treatment area, Dr. Parker will make two tiny access incisions, each about ⅛ inch long. The tiny incisions are closed with dissolvable sutures so they do not have to be removed. Although these tiny scars are permanent, they are almost always inconspicuous. You will most likely be able to go home about 1-2 hours after surgery, wearing a snug-fitting surgical garment to add support, promote skin contraction, and help optimize final contour. If you have a significant amount of fat liposuctioned, you will be monitored overnight in our facility by a registered nurse.

“I had liposuction to my flanks (love handles) and chest early in 2012. Dr. Parker produced the exact results I was hoping for. The information provided by Dr. Parker and his staff was right on the money in terms of what it would look like and what to expect during post surgery. The facility and staff were everything I would hope for. My wife also had work done by Dr. Parker and we are both very pleased with the results. I would strongly recommend Dr. Parker to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.”—Liposuction Patient

VASER Lipo for Enhanced Results & Recovery

VASER Lipo is an ultrasound-assisted liposuction system that utilizes ultrasonic energy to loosen up the fat cells in the area being treated. Once the cells are loosened, they are removed by Dr. Parker with thin tubes called “cannulas,” allowing him to sculpt a naturally attractive contour.

While the VASER system is very helpful to Dr. Parker, it is his extensive training, experience, and judgment that allows him to create beautiful contours and excellent results.* Dr. Parker was one of the first surgeons to begin using VASER Lipo a number of years ago. He will still use it from time to time but now prefers using SAFE Lipo, described below.

Before & After* Hip Liposuction

New Jersey Fat Liposuction

    before                                                  after


This patient had 500 cc of fat taken from each hip through VASER liposuction, with no fat injections. Notice the improvement in the shape of the buttocks, even though nothing was done to the buttocks themselves.
*Results may vary

SAFE Lipo: Natural Results* & Smooth Skin Contraction

Since 2012, Dr. Parker has been using a 3-phase technique called “SAFE” lipo. This term represents an acronym for: Separation, Aspiration & Fat Equalization, i.e., the use of the term, “SAFE.” This newer method of liposuction was developed by Dr. Parker’s friend and colleague, Dr. Simeon Wall, in Louisiana.

The separation phase uses a specifically designed cannula to gently separate, or loosen, the fat cells from one another. This allows Dr. Parker to aspirate, or take out, the unwanted fat cells more easily using fine cannulas. The final fat equalization phase allows Dr. Parker to smooth out the area, leaving behind a thinner layer of separated healthy fat cells. Dr. Parker and his patients like the consistently natural improvements in contour and skin retraction that SAFE lipo provides. By and large, it has become his procedure of choice in performing liposuction.

Long-lasting Fat Reduction

Fat removal with liposuction is long-lasting. While it is still possible to gain weight after liposuction, the absolute number of cells remains the same, and the fat is deposited more evenly throughout the body. It does not selectively relocate to the areas where you had liposuction. Think of liposuction as a body re-proportioning procedure.

What about CoolSculpting?

As CoolSculpting has entered the mainstream, patients naturally want to know if it’s a good substitute for liposuction. While both target unwanted fat, each procedure serves a distinct purpose. CoolSculpting effectively shrinks fatty deposits, but it doesn’t have the sculpting capabilities of liposuction. It’s best for modest bulges on the hips, thighs, back or belly, but it cannot be used on the face. For the patient who doesn’t need extensive reshaping, CoolSculpting can be a cost-effective, convenient way to improve body shape.

With a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon at the helm, liposuction can address a precise amount of fat, sculpt an area, and dramatically improve your proportions. If you have more than one area you’d like to treat, you have a larger amount of fat to address, or you want to treat small areas such as the face, neck or knees, liposuction will typically be the better option.

Our Signature Rapid Recovery Program

Most of our patients lead active lives and are anxious to return to their daily routine as soon as possible after surgery. With that in mind, we have developed our unique Rapid Recovery program. This involves surgical techniques, anesthesia, and pain medications as well as post-operative massages and skincare that are specially tailored to enhance your recovery.

There is usually little pain associated with liposuction. Patients usually describe it “like over-exercising at the gym.” You can remove your compression garment to shower the day following surgery, but continue to wear it otherwise for 1 to 3 weeks. Patients commonly return to activities of daily living within several days, including a return to work. Exercise usually begins within one to two weeks.

Your Consultation

Dr. Parker will listen to your areas of concern during your initial consultation. He will perform a physical examination to determine if you are a good candidate for liposuction, including an evaluation of your skin tone. He will then discuss treatment options with you.

We supplement our patients’ consultations with a session with our professional photographer, who will show you many before and after pictures of Bergen County liposuction patients and utilize computer imaging to show what you should look like following liposuction. Our surgical results* after liposuction have a very high correlation with what you are shown in your computer imaging session.


*Results may vary.