Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, or Both? How To Choose the Best Procedure for You

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When people list their “dream body” goals, a slim, flat abdomen is often at the top of the list. Patients today have more body contouring options than ever before for achieving that ideal look.

Two of the most popular options are tummy tuck surgery and liposuction at our Paramus practice. But how can a patient know which option is right for them? Here are a few important facts to consider.

Tummy Tuck Benefits

Whether from having children or weight fluctuations, many people experience major changes around their midsections. Tummy tuck surgery is a specialized procedure that removes loose skin and unwanted fat from around the belly area. The surgery tightens lax skin, repairs damaged abdominal muscles and helps define the waistline. 

A tummy tuck is especially useful for those who struggle with a permanent “belly pooch” that exercise and diet can’t fix. This condition is especially common among women who were recently pregnant, and it can only be fully corrected via surgery. 

Liposuction Benefits

Sometimes a healthy lifestyle alone isn’t enough to slim down trouble spots. Liposuction is a fat reduction procedure that suctions out unwanted fat cells from the treatment area. It is effective for a variety of areas, such as the belly, thighs, “love handles,” and jawline. Once these fat cells are removed from the body, they will never return or grow back.

Liposuction is best when you have good skin elasticity and muscle tone but want to target stubborn pockets of fat. The surgery does little to address other issues such as stretched skin or damaged abdominal muscles. 

Combining Procedures

At the Parker Center, we perform our signature “Parker Tummy Tuck” treatment. This approach to surgery combines traditional abdominoplasty with thorough liposuction (a procedure known as “lipoabdominoplasty”). By combining a tummy tuck with a fat reduction treatment, we create much more dramatic results. Our technique significantly improves the abdominal shape and results in a shorter scar.

Using liposuction and a tummy tuck together is often the best choice for patients. Many men and women struggle with both loose skin and excess fat and want to solve both problems at once. When you combine procedures, there is less recovery time overall and the change is truly noticeable. During your initial consultation at our practice, we can analyze your body and see if this approach is right for you. 

Browse our before-and-after gallery to see both liposuction and tummy tuck results. If you’re considering plastic surgery in Paramus or northern New Jersey and would like to learn more about your body contouring treatment options, please request a consultation online or call (201) 967-1212.

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