Plastic Surgery Patient Relished the Time & Attention She Got From The Parker Center Staff

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Leanne, 28, had been to three other plastic surgeons before her New Jersey breast augmentation and rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Parker at The Parker Center for Plastic Surgery. She wishes he had been the first surgeon she visited, but he was definitely the last consultation she needed.

“From the moment I walked in….no, from the first phone call, they were all about you,” she says. “When I called to schedule a consultation, Michelle gave me 30-45 minutes of her time asking me questions and going over what to expect. That was before I ever step foot in the office!”

Her initial impressions carried on through to the consultation where Dr. Parker discussed breast implant options and what she wanted to correct about her nose. Throughout the entire process, Leanne was astounded by the personal attention she was given. It was a unique experience even though she had been to three other surgeons prior to Dr. Parker.

“Everyone was so caring, friendly and genuine, I just didn’t feel that at any of the other offices” she says. “And, the preparation was so thorough, I knew exactly what to expect through every phase of the surgery and recovery.”

Not only did she have a wonderful experience, but Leanne is overjoyed with her results. She had tuberous breasts which left her with no cleavage and she could never fill out a bra, no matter what size she wore. So, her lingerie drawer was filled with heavily padded bras that were bulky and extremely hot to wear in the summer months, even in New Jersey. Breast augmentation gave her shape, fullness and the cleavage she had been wanting.

“Now, I can look down and know that that is all me,” she says. “My God Mother has to pull me away from the mirror because I still can’t believe how good they look and that they are mine!”

For her New Jersey rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Parker reduced the size of her nose, making it more delicate and in better balance with the rest of her face. Leanne was thrilled as well with the natural appearance of her nose. She had been concerned about its appearance for awhile and decided to have it improved since she would be asleep anyway.

When asked about her recovery, the first thing she said was, “The Rapid Recovery Program is unbelievable…amazing actually.” Leanne especially enjoyed the manual lymphatic massage, but was impressed with all the safety and pain management measures that were taken to make sure everything went smoothly.

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