Monthly Archives: January 2008

New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul M. Parker Answers The Tough Questions You Need to Ask to Size Up Your Surgeon

Dr. Parker hopes more surgeons will step up to the challenge and proactively size themselves up. Obviously, the first priority is safety. Dr. Parker and his team at the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery, New Jersey, are committed to assuring patients have their questions answered, and that the patient is informed and comfortable with their …

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Mommy Makeover: New Jersey Moms Turning Back Time

Childbirth is a privilege, a responsibility and a joy. Many women suggest there is no more fulfilling time in their lives than in carrying their children and bringing them forth into this world. Your life is changed forever. And for many, so is your body. Enjoy these real life stories and see how with the …

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It’s your Choice New Jersey: Breast Augmentation with Dr. Paul Parker Offers A New Approach

Even cutting-edge computer imaging cannot offer a true picture of what you'll look like after surgery. Breast augmentation patients need to be confident in their decision. "We know from the data that a major causes of dissatisfaction, and even re-operation, in breast augmentation patients is the choice of size," says New Jersey breast augmentation specialist …

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