Pam Finds Parker Center for Plastic Surgery Awesome After Three Mediocre Consultations

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Pam is a married, 44-year old mother of three, who works part-time and was looking to have a breast augmentation. After 3 pregnancies and nursing, Pam’s breasts had deflated from a “D” cup down to a “B.” She also felt that she had some sagging.

“I know nothing’s ever the same after pregnancy, but I was very unhappy with how my breasts looked. They were so much smaller, and I wanted them back the way they had been. I work in a gym, and I knew that this was the one thing I couldn’t fix by working out, “said Pam.

Pam is a very organized and detail-oriented person, and she went about planning her plastic surgery in the same manner. She did a lot of research, asked for recommendations from friends and family, and made appointments with four plastic surgeons in NJ for a consultation.

The first surgeon Pam saw didn’t take a lot of time with the consultation. Pam disliked that they spoke to her about the surgical fees in a hallway, with no privacy whatsoever. She also felt pushed to schedule the procedure and didn’t like that she was told her recovery would take a week or more.

“All of the other plastic surgeons I saw were very pushy about fees and getting me to schedule the procedure. Another did a fitting but used actual implants, not sizers like Dr. Parker’s office. The other two just showed me photos. It didn’t leave me feeling good about the doctor or the surgery,” Pam said.

Pam explained that her consultation at the Parker Center with Dr. Paul M. Parker, was the complete opposite of her experiences with other plastic surgeons. From the moment she first called and spoke to Michelle, the patient coordinator, Pam felt more assured and confident about having her surgery.

“Everything about the Parker Center is professional, thorough, and designed to help patients understand their procedure. By the time I was ready to do the surgery, I had no questions. I felt secure and confident,” explained Pam.

Sizing sessions for silicone implants are done using the Mentor® Volume Sizing System with Liz Kolb, digital imaging consultant. The Mentor® system uses 18 uniquely shaped volume sizers that fit around your existing breast tissue to give patients a more accurate understanding of how they’ll look with implants after a breast augmentation.

Pam was still unsure after looking at her photos from her sizing session, so she called and asked if she could come in again just to be sure. In her second session, Pam relaxed a little and found a size that made her comfortable.

Pam had her surgery three weeks ago, and Dr. Parker has let her go back to work at the gym with no restrictions. Her surgery went great, and she described her recovery as uncomfortable but certainly not painful.

breast augmentation side before and after

While Pam has had two of her three lymphatic massages that are part of the Parker Center’s Rapid Recovery Program, she has already booked three additional sessions. Lymphatic massage is a time-tested method of reducing swelling, improving healing, and enhancing circulation. Every plastic surgery patient at the Parker Center receives three sessions with our certified massage therapist as part of their surgical fees.

“Every single person who works there is absolutely wonderful. From the minute Michelle answered the phone the first time I called, they were terrific. I had a wonderful experience and would absolutely recommend Dr. Parker,” exclaimed Pam.

The Rapid Recovery Program is a unique set of protocols instituted by Dr. Parker to speed healing, reduce downtime and help manage swelling and bruising. This includes the use of medical glue and limited incisions, short-acting anesthetic agents and antiemetics to improve recovery from anesthesia, and oral medications to help with swelling and bruising. The manual lymphatic massages and skin creams—as well as camouflage make-up, if necessary—are all part of the program.

To learn more about breast augmentation or any other plastic surgery procedure, visit our website at or call 201-967-1212 for a consultation today.

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