Nurse Megan Has Perfect Rhinoplasty Results

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

24-year-old Megan is a full-time registered nurse at a local hospital in New Jersey. She has always disliked her nose and has been self-conscious about it ever since middle school. While Megan’s nose was not large, she had a very rounded, fleshy tip that bothered her.

“While I’ve always hated my nose, I didn’t seriously start thinking about fixing it until I was in college. I knew that as soon as I had a full-time job I was going to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure,” said Megan.

Megan babysat a lot in college, and two of the women she sat for had surgery with Dr. Parker. Knowing that Megan was interested in a nose job, one of the women brought Megan to her appointment to meet Dr. Parker. As a medical professional, Megan really liked what she saw and how Dr. Parker’s patients were treated. Besides her in-person meeting with Dr. Parker, Megan also conducted a little research online. Megan believes that before and after photos are very telling of the type of work a plastic surgeon does. Megan was impressed by the natural looking results Dr. Parker was able to achieve with his patients.

“With all the women I knew personally who had very good results and the photos and information available on the website, I was confident that Dr. Parker was the surgeon for me,” explained Megan.

While Megan didn’t hide the fact that she was having plastic surgery, she didn’t really advertise it either. She was hesitant about telling her family, fearing that they wouldn’t support her decision, but they proved her wrong. Family, friends and co-workers were very supportive and made her feel even more confident about her decision.

Megan is absolutely thrilled with her new nose. She believes that it’s the nose she should’ve been born with originally. She loves that when she looks in the mirror she doesn’t see her flawed nose; she sees her whole face.

“The best part is the people who I didn’t tell I was having surgery. They look at me like something’s different, but they really can’t tell what it is. I love that! I think that it shows what a great job Dr. Parker did. I still look like me, just better. That’s exactly what I wanted,” Megan said.

As a registered nurse, Megan especially appreciated the Rapid Recovery Program that Dr. Parker has developed for his patients. A unique set of protocols, the program is designed to allow patients to return to their normal activities as soon as possible.

The Rapid Recovery Program includes a combination of treatments:

  • Oral medications given pre- and post-operation to reduce swelling and bruising

  • Short acting anesthetics to improve recovery time

  • Topical skin creams and manual lymphatic massage to decrease recovery time.

“My recovery was amazing. I was so fearful that it would be painful. I’ve told people that getting my ears pierced hurt more than this. I had very little bruising, and I really felt okay. I went home the first day and slept. Day two I hung around the house, but on day three I was out at the mall, shopping and lunching with friends,“ said Megan.

Megan was unbothered by her splint and had it removed one week post-operatively. She returned to work the following day. She believes that the Rapid Recovery Program really helped with speeding her healing and getting her back to normal quickly with almost no bruising and just minor swelling. Dr. Paul M. Parker and the staff at the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery have developed the Rapid Recovery Program with their patient’s busy lifestyles in mind. Their primary goal is to get you back to your demanding life with a minimum amount of downtime, little to no pain, and beautiful results.

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