Laser Skin Resurfacing, New Jersey, Is Patients “Last Stop”

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

I was born in the Middle East, but have been in the United States for over 22 years. I am fortunate not only because I can make a living at what I love, but that I have been blessed by being surrounded by very hard working, honest professionals. I consider myself a student of the skin. It’s an arena where you have to work to stay on top of all the information, so I stay current by taking courses in New York and reading all the latest journals. Last week I got some advance information on an FDA approved product. This keeps the Beaura Spa at The Parker Center in New Jersey at the cutting edge of a very fast, competitive industry.  As new information becomes available I incorporate it into my client’s regimen. My opinion is if you don’t want to be studying and learning, you can be happy as a facialist working in an average salon with mediocre products. That was never my goal.
Parker Center Aesthetician, Farnaz Onsori (Fari)
Working with dermatologists over the years, you get to know the plastic surgeons that are the most respected not only for their results, but for their approach to people. Dr. Parker always has had a great reputation. His medi spa also carries the products I love—including my favorite—Skinceuticals. When I see patients for the first time I look at their skin and ask their goals. I tell them what they need and work out a program for them. I don’t rely as much on diagnostic tools as I do magnification and my own experience. Whether the client needs Microdermabrasion, IPL, chemical peels or just better skin care products, we are serious about providing results and extra value. In Manhattan, you get a 15 minute laser treatment and you are out the door. Here, we spend 45 minutes or more with you by adding a facial or other treatment to the base procedure. This isn’t a factory.  What you get in our spa is no comparison to those in the city. I teach my patients and go over products with them so they can save money in the long run.

One of the newest tools on the market is called Isolaz.  Isolaz is an IPL machine with four heads to choose from depending upon the condition I am treating.  The head of the machine is a vacuum system. None of the other laser machines have anything like this. It grabs skin and doesn’t permit the light to get out so it stays very concentrated in that area. It’s beyond good. There is no damage and you just work in the area you want. The laser uses different strengths of light…low, medium and high.  Blue and green for acne, purple light (blue green red) for sun damage and broken capillaries, and red (the hottest part) for hair removal.  I have seen incredible results, especially for acne. My patients tell me I am their last stop—they have tried everything by the time they get here.  Once we address their original concerns, they come back for maintenance. Dr. Parker does not like advertising, so it’s all word of mouth and we are busy, so we must be doing good things.

For further information about this revolutionary skin care, New Jersey or New York residents should call the Beaura Spa at (201) 967-1756.

— Parker Center Aesthetician, Farnaz Onsori (Fari)

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