Georgiana Liquori- The Beaura Spa At Parker Center’s skin care, New Jersey, expert.

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“If you want to be pampered, you can go to a salon for a fluff, steam and cream. But if you are truly serious about taking corrective action for your skin concerns, nothing takes the place of medically based skin care. You wouldn’t eat macaroni and cheese while training for a marathon.  If long term results are important to you, base your product and procedure decisions on nutritional skincare and real science.”

Georgiana Liquori—Aesthetician—Beaura Spa at Parker Center

My interest in becoming an aesthetician was born out of my own personal battle with acne. My earliest recollection of skin problems started in 6th grade when I felt like I was treating one pimple for an entire year. All through high school and college I could never depend upon my skin to stay clear for any important events. At 22 I began working in retail skin care but quickly realized that if I were really serious about helping others and myself, I would have to invest in some top-notch training. One of the most exclusive venues for aspiring aestheticians is the Atelier Aesthetique Institute on Park Avenue in New York. There, the standards for the aesthetic industry are created and taught. I couldn’t have asked to be aligned with better people and true pioneers of skin care. After graduating in 1997 the institute was deemed the stable of a new generation of aesthetician by American Spa magazine.  Immediately after graduating I spent time as a Microdermabrasion consultant. My clients included Elizabeth Arden spa in London, Licari Salon on 5th Avenue, the Ritz Carlton in New York and the NY Health Club. In the back of my mind my ultimate goal was always to work in medical aesthetics where I could bring others’ skin to a new level of health and wellness. Although I considered opening my own business, an opportunity came up at the Beaura Spa at Parker Center, and there I found the perfect fit.
Skin Care, New Jersey, expert, Georgiana Liquori
At Beaura Spa we offer a wide range of treatments. Contrary to what you might find in a spa or department store, we are able to use products containing prescription strength active ingredients that make genuine changes in the skin. Whether a patient is suffering from acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, or skin tone issues, they will see results after even one visit. Skin rejuvenation can be accomplished through facials, peels, Microdermabrasion or a combination approach. Our newest weapon is Isolaz. It offers four different heads that target hair removal, acne, veins and hyperpigmentation. We have had incredible results with this tool. Women of all ages respond well to the treatments offered at the Beaura Spa. Good skin care can postpone the need for surgery, or augment the results of surgical facial rejuvenation.

One big misconception is that there is no help. Skin can be corrected through the latest advances in skin care. Whether acne scarring or pigmentation, people are willing to settle for the wrong products and practitioners.  You are always shedding cells. If you know how to nourish and protect the new skin beautiful, healthy skin can be yours. Another misconception is that it is unaffordable especially given today’s economic climate. If you are on a budget, Beaura Spa offers treatment packages that translate into getting one free. If you cannot invest in a package, try to visit us at least once a quarter as the seasons change. Make sure you purchase great products to use every day. We feature sophisticated mineral based makeup and pharmaceutical grade skin care products with nutrients and vitamins. Of course I hope to see you in person, but until we meet, remember no sun, sleep deeply, drink plenty of water and make a clean nutritional diet your goal.

P.S. I am writing a book as part of a women’s series having to do with skin care. Watch the blog for details of publication.

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