My Thoughts on Why Digital Imaging is so Vital for New Jersey Cosmetic Surgery Patients

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Our professional imager, Liz Kobb, made a very interesting statement this week that really hit home regarding the importance of digital imaging for our New Jersey cosmetic surgery patients. team_photo_janet_04.jpg

I was actually chatting with Liz about how nerve wracking it must be for patients at other cosmetic surgery practices that have to cut out pictures, bring them in and hope that the doctor’s plan for their face or body matched the post-op image they had in their head.

To me—that is a terrifying thought.  Especially when it comes to my face!

Then Liz made the following statement which really solidified my belief as to why choosing a practice that uses digital imaging is so important in this day and age.  Liz said,

“Bringing in pictures of a celebrity nose, chin, body, etc., is like brining in pictures of a certain hairstyle to a salon.  Unfortunately, if the client doesn’t have that kind of hair, no matter how bad they want the cut, it’s never going to look right against their face.

The same is true with plastic surgery.  If a patient brings in a nose they like and we create that image on the screen, sometimes they realize that their nose wasn’t the problem in the first place–it was their chin or other features that just made the nose stand out more.   Or maybe a woman thinks she only wants a full B cup breast augmentation, but when she sees that size on her own body and not a 95 pound model, it’s immediately clear that a C cup is the best way to go.

These are all problems that we can address and fix before surgery—which is important to ensure there are no surprises or disappointments in the recovery room!”

And really, in contemplating what Liz said, I think our use of digital technology is what makes  patients so comfortable with Dr. Parker and the practice.  They realize that we’ve invested in this equipment because we take their procedure very seriously.  We aren’t here just to take their money- we are here to make sure that they look the best they possibly can be.

That’s also why we allow patients to partake in a digital imaging session during their consultation.  It’s important to us that our clients feel confident and secure before signing up for elective surgery.  We want them to make a truly informed decision, and viewing digitally altered pictures of themselves is one way to achieve that goal (in addition to the many other steps we take to ensure our patients are informed and educated prior to surgery).

So if you’re a potential New Jersey cosmetic surgery patient that’s still clipping pictures and struggling to explain how you want to look following the procedure, let us make the process easier for you through a digital imaging session.  We’re confident that one consultation with our practice will leave you feeling educated, empowered and secure about your new look and future results.

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