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Patient of the Month for November 2010 – Rhinoplasty

This month’s Featured Patient is a 25-year-old woman, referred to Dr. Parker by several other patients. Angela expressed concern about the appearance of her nose and lower eyelids. Specifically, she did not like the bump on her nose or her drooping nasal tip, which worsened when she smiled. She also asked to have the puffiness …

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New Jersey Breast Augmentation Patient, Stephanie, still Smiling

One year after her breast augmentation, New Jersey patient Stephanie, 38, is still raving about her breast augmentation from The Parker Center. Stephanie, who is very athletic, had been very concerned prior to her surgery that implants would interfere with her activities. Stephanie runs, bikes and does yoga.  A natural look and feel was very …

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Patient of the Month for October 2010 – Mommy Makeover

This month’s Featured Patient demonstrates the range of positive changes that postpartum moms can enjoy as part of the Mommy Makeover procedures performed here at the Parker Center. Our featured patient, Lisa, didn’t like looking in the mirror at her drooping breasts, sagging tummy, and buttocks that had lost their youthful shape. In the span …

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New Jersey Rhinoplasty Patient Before & After

Patient of the Month for August 2010 – Rhinoplasty

26-year-old model Mesha, referred to Dr. Parker by another patient, requested an improvement in the appearance of her nose. She desired a more defined, less bulbous tip, and she wanted to reduce the width of her nostrils. Dr. Parker explained to her that she would benefit from an open tiplasty. He would remove the excessive …

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Patient of the Month for July 2010 – Breast Augmentation

This 27-year-old patient was referred to Dr. Parker for correction of her unusually shaped breasts. After examining Suzanne, Dr. Parker explained that she had what are known as tuberous breasts. This is a relatively uncommon congenital condition (only 1–5% of all breast augmentation patients have it). It results in unusual, often asymmetric shaped breasts—reduced breast …

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