Patient of the Month for July 2010 – Breast Augmentation

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery
Front view of female patient before and after breast lift
Side view of female patient before and after breast lift

This 27-year-old patient was referred to Dr. Parker for correction of her unusually shaped breasts. After examining Suzanne, Dr. Parker explained that she had what are known as tuberous breasts. This is a relatively uncommon congenital condition (only 1–5% of all breast augmentation patients have it). It results in unusual, often asymmetric shaped breasts—reduced breast diameter, high and tight breast folds, and herniation of breast tissue through the areola.

Dr. Parker recommended releasing the constricting breast tissue and inserting breast implants (350 cc on the left side, 400 cc on the right side because of her asymmetry) through peri-areolar incisions along with a peri-areolar lift to reduce the size of the large areolas. Suzanne recovered quickly with little pain after surgery. She loves the appearance of her new breasts.

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