New Jersey Breast Augmentation Patient, Stephanie, still Smiling

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

One year after her breast augmentation, New Jersey patient Stephanie, 38, is still raving about her breast augmentation from The Parker Center.

Stephanie, who is very athletic, had been very concerned prior to her surgery that implants would interfere with her activities. Stephanie runs, bikes and does yoga.  A natural look and feel was very important to her. Before her surgery, Stephanie had concerns breast augmentation would make her chest too big or uncomfortable for her active life.

New Jersey Breast Augmentation ImageDr. Parker and the staff at The Parker Center were very understanding of Stephanie’s concerns.  They allowed her to compare silicone and saline implants, and had several sizing sessions to “try on” different implants.  Stephanie felt that Dr. Parker really listened to all her concerns and the staff’s experience and guidance allowed her to feel secure in her decision.

“I can wear clothes with confidence.  I feel feminine and sexy.  I don’t feel self conscious anymore even in a bathing suit,” said Stephanie.

The Parker Center gave Stephanie the sexy, feminine bust line she wanted.  She ultimately chose 275 cc implants and is between a B and a C cup.  Stephanie recently had her one year check up with Dr. Parker and continues to speak very highly of Dr. Parker and the staff of The Parker Center.

New Jersey Breast Augmentation Image“They are all just the nicest, warmest, most professional group of people you want to meet.  They make the experience completely positive from start to finish,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie enjoys telling others if they’re considering breast implants to go ahead and have the surgery.  She has no regrets.  Stephanie is still very active and never even worries about her implants.

“I love them even more now.  I sometimes forget that I’ve got breast implants.  They really feel like they’re a part of me.  I always say that these are breasts I should have been born with,” says Stephanie.

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