Patient of the Month for December 2010 – Lipoabdominoplasty

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

This patient shows what Lipoabdominoplasty can achieve for all our patients, both men and women, from a physical and psychological standpoint. This 27-year-old man named Michael lost 60 pounds with diet and exercise and has made a commitment to working out daily. Despite this, he was unable to get rid of the loose skin, fat, and separation of the rectus abdominus muscles that had occurred with his weight gain and subsequent loss.

Dr. Parker performed a Lipoabdominoplasty on Michael, allowing him to remove unwanted fat from the upper abdomen, tighten the rectus abdominus muscles, and remove his lax skin. He healed very quickly after surgery, which is common following our Lipoabdominoplasty procedures employing our Rapid Recovery program. Michael returned to working out daily not long after surgery. He loves the appearance of his rejuvenated abdomen and psychologically, feels so much better about his body image and renewed self confidence. His girlfriend is very much on board with these changes as well.

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