Abdominoplasty for Men Helps Michael Get Fully Fit

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Michael, a 28-year old single man and self-confessed gym rat, had lost over 60 lbs. several years ago.  Unfortunately this didn’t help the little pouch of fat and stretch marks around his abdomen, even though he works out five days a week.  Michael had considered having a tummy tuck for the last few years and even sought out consultations last year with several surgeons.

A combination of being between jobs that left him with a month of free time, a lot of research done on the internet and a determination to finally have the surgery led Michael to New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr Paul Parker.

“Coming up, I had a whole month free and I had seen Dr. Parker’s website, the testimonials and the before and after pictures.  And then when I went to The Parker Center, that cinched it.  I knew this was the time to do this,” said Michael.

New Jersey Abdominoplasty for Men Image Michael liked the fact that he could have the tummy tuck done right at The Parker Center.  He thought that the staff was very warm and professional.

“They were very warm and helpful.  They answered all my questions.  I had done a ton of research, I had a whole file folder, so I felt really prepared and they reinforced my decision that now was the right time,” said Michael.

Michael says that his experience with The Parker Center was great right from his first appointment for a consultation to the surgery and after.  Michael, because he’s so active had some swelling concerns, and was immediately seen by the office and reassured that this was normal.

New Jersey Abdominoplasty for Men ImageTwo weeks after surgery, Michael began working out again lightly, just walking and bike riding.  Now six weeks after surgery, Michael has started lightly jogging and will start back to his regular workout routine in a week or so.

“Most people haven’t noticed, but most people don’t see me with my shirt off.  My girlfriend however has said that she’s sees a tremendous difference.  She thinks I look great,” said Michael.

In New Jersey, abdominoplasty for men at The Parker Center can remove loose, excess skin, smooth stretch mark and tighten your abs.   Our goal is to always deliver non-operated looking results with minimum downtime.

Consultations are complimentary, so call us today at 201-967-1212 or visit us at www.parkercenter.net and find out what Dr. Parker and The Parker Center can do for you.

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