Bra Line Back Lift

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Dr. Parker offers the bra line back lift in Paramus, NJ, for women bothered by rolls, sagging skin, and bulges around the bra area of the upper back.

Cost & Recovery

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  • Back to sedentary work within several days and exercise within about 2 weeks

Quick Facts

  • The incision is hidden along the bra line.
  • Liposuction may be used along with or instead of the back lift procedure.
  • BodyTite is a minimally invasive procedure that reduces fat and tightens skin.
  • CoolSculpting® is a nonsurgical fat reduction option for the back.

Lax skin and excess fat on the upper back can create embarrassing bra bulges even if you don’t need to lose weight. Dr. Parker offers surgical and nonsurgical procedure options, such as a bra line back lift, to help women from Ridgewood and throughout Bergen County, North New Jersey, and surrounding areas feel more confident in thin, fitted clothing, swimsuits, and more.

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How do you get rid of back fat and bra bulges?

If you are concerned about visible fat rolls and bulges on your upper back, Dr. Parker offers surgical, minimally invasive, and nonsurgical solutions. During your initial consultation, he will examine your areas of concern to determine whether these bulges are caused by:

  • Unwanted fat
  • Loose skin
  • A combination of both

He will then discuss appropriate treatment options to help improve the contour and firmness of your back.

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Our cosmetic consultations include plenty of time with Dr. Parker, our patient care coordinator, and our imaging specialist. Once your procedure is booked, our nurse educator will meet with you for a special 1-hour pre-op education session.

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What is a bra line back lift?

A bra line back lift is a surgical procedure that addresses sagging skin and visible fat rolls and bulges in the upper and mid-back with a scar hidden beneath the bra. Benefits include the following:

  • Restoring a more contoured, firmer appearance of the upper and mid-back
  • Improving the contour of the hip area just below the mid-back
  • Increasing confidence when wearing swimsuits and fitted clothing
  • Enhancing body image and self-esteem

Bra line back lift results are immediate after surgery.

Can liposuction alone get rid of back fat?

Patients who have excess back fat but good skin elasticity are often good candidates for back liposuction alone. Although it is the least invasive back contouring surgery, liposuction can achieve great results for the right patients. Instead of traditional liposuction, Dr. Parker uses SAFELipo® because it provides more efficient and less traumatic fat removal, allows him greater control in sculpting the area, and minimizes recovery time.

Back liposuction can be performed under local anesthesia with an oral cocktail, intravenous sedation, or general anesthesia. The surgery involves one tiny incision hidden in the armpit area and another hidden under the bra line through which Dr. Parker removes the excess fat and sculpts a more natural, aesthetically pleasing back contour. Most patients have little to moderate discomfort after back liposuction and return to normal activity within several days of their procedure.

Before & After Back Liposuction Alone

Woman before and after back liposuction

Is back contouring possible without surgery?

The minimally invasive BodyTite procedure and nonsurgical CoolSculpting® procedure can provide effective back contouring for the right patient. These procedures can also enhance the results of the bra line back lift and liposuction.

  • BodyTite is a radiofrequency assisted lipolysis (RFAL) technology that Dr. Parker can use to both sculpt away unwanted fat and tighten skin. While there are other radiofrequency (RF) treatments out there, BodyTite is unique in applying RF energy both above and below the skin, helping to reduce fat and remodel collagen for more thorough body reshaping. Results are typically visible shortly after treatment with continued improvement for the following 3 to 6 months. BodyTite can be used on its own or in combination with liposuction.

Before & After BodyTite of the Back

Woman\'s back before and after BodyTite and liposuction
52 Year old with moderate skin tone before and after BodyTite and Safe Liposuction to her hips and back
  • CoolSculpting provides nonsurgical fat reduction of the back without anesthetic or incisions. This option is best for patients with modest fat deposits and good skin elasticity. Results develop gradually for up to 3 months after treatment.

Before & After CoolSculpting of the Back

Woman\'s back before and after CoolSculpting

This 47-year-old female patient was bothered by the fullness in her back. She was interested in a non-invasive way to remove the fat with little to no downtime. The results shown are after one CoolSculpting® treatment.

How is a bra line back lift performed?

On the day of surgery, Dr. Parker will have the patient bring a revealing swimsuit or bra to our surgical center. He will then draw the outline of the bra on the patient’s back with a surgical marking pen along with a proposed incision extending horizontally underneath the bra. Dr. Parker will then gently pinch the excess skin and fat to be removed above and below the intended scar, outlining the excess tissue to be removed.

Bra Line Back Lift
 Before & After Photos

Case: 1 of 7
Case: 1 of 7
Bra Line Back Lift Case 1314 Before & After Back | Paramus, NJ | Parker Center for Plastic Surgery
Before & After
Case: 1 of 6

Case #1314

This 68 year old patient was referred to Dr. Parker by another patient after having had two prior liposuction procedures on her back done elsewhere. She asked him to get rid of the loose skin and back rolls she had. During the initial consultation, with the patient standing in front of a full length mirror, Dr. Parker gently pinched the loose... Read More
Bra Line Back Lift Case 1318 Before & After Back | Paramus, NJ | Parker Center for Plastic Surgery
Before & After
Case: 2 of 6

Case #1318

This 42 year old asked Dr. Parker to improve the contour of her arms, back and abdomen. Over the past several years, she had lost 85 pounds through diet and exercise. She wanted the contour of her arms improved and the loose skin removed from her abdomen and back. Dr. Parker reviewed these procedures with her in detail during her consultation... Read More
Bra Line Back Lift Case 1375 Before & After back with bra  | Paramus, NJ | Parker Center for Plastic Surgery
Before & After
Case: 3 of 6

Case #1375

This 36 year old requested Dr. Parker to address two issues: improve the soft excess on her back and improve the appearance of her lower abdomen and high-riding, irregular abdominoplasty scar, a procedure she had performed elsewhere a number of years ago. The patient had gained, then lost 90 pounds, in recent years with diet and exercise. She... Read More
Bra Line Back Lift Case 1315 Before & After back view 2 bra | Paramus, NJ | Parker Center for Plastic Surgery
Before & After
Case: 4 of 6

Case #1315

This 46 year old asked Dr. Parker to improve the contour of her arms, back and abdomen. She had undergone lap band surgery 7 years earlier and lost 70 pounds. She also has had 3 children. During her consultation, Dr. Parker discussed these procedures in detail. Several weeks later, he performed a full length brachioplasty, bra line back lift... Read More
Bra Line Back Lift Case 1335 Before & After Back | Paramus, NJ | Parker Center for Plastic Surgery
Before & After
Case: 5 of 6

Case #1335

This 34 year old, referred by another patient, asked Dr. Parker to give her a flatter abdomen and improve the contour of hips. Over the past several years, she had lost 65 pounds through diet and exercise. Dr. Parker discussed performing a lipoabdominoplasty along with a body lift, otherwise known as a circemferential abdominoplasty. Dr. Park... Read More
Bra Line Back Lift Case 1024 Before & After Back w bra | Paramus, NJ | Parker Center for Plastic Surgery
Before & After
Case: 6 of 6

Case #1024

This 37 year old patient lost 140 pounds following bariatric surgery several years ago requested Dr Parker to improve the shape of her back; her weight is now stable. She would like her back rolls gone and her back more contoured. The patient is ok with her hips as is. After reviewing treatment options with Dr Parker, the patient chose to hav... Read More

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

After Dr. Parker reviews these markings in front of a full-length mirror and again explains the procedure, the patient will be brought to the operating room. With the patient lying face down, Dr. Parker will remove the excess skin and fatty tissue, then close the incision with multiple layers of absorbable sutures to make the resultant scar as unnoticeable as possible. The procedure will commonly last from 2 to 3 1/2 hours, depending on how much excess skin and fatty tissue need to be removed.

How long does it take to recover after a bra line back lift?

Our bra line back lift patients go home about an hour after surgery and are up and moving around that same day. Most patients experience minimal pain and discomfort. Sutures dissolve and do not need to be removed. Patients may return to sedentary work within several days and exercise in approximately 2 weeks.

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To meet with Dr. Parker and his team in Paramus, New Jersey, and learn more about bra line back lift surgery, request a cosmetic consultation using our online form or call (201) 967-1212 for an appointment.