Breast Implant Revision 54**

About This Patient

This 45 year old patient had 450 cc saline implants inserted in a partial submuscular position by another surgeon in 2001. She noticed a gradual deflation of her right breast implant over the past 2 years. The patient asked Dr. Parker to exchange her implants for smaller silicone implants and lift her nipples using a periareolar mastopexy, an incision only around the areola. She and her husband did not want the vertical scarring associated with a vertical mastopexy, otherwise known as a “lollipop” lift. Dr. Parker met with the patient and her husband on three separate occasions before surgery to discuss these options in detail. He explained that based on his experience, she would obtain more youthful, perkier breasts lifted higher on her chest with smaller implants and a lollipop lift. A periareolar lift with an incision only around the areola would not be able to deliver this same youthful, perkier, lifted breast. The patient and her husband agreed. At surgery, Dr. Parker removed her existing 450 cc saline implants and replaced them with 300 cc silicone implants, then performed the lollipop lift. The patient recovered nicely with little pain. She loves the markedly improved appearance of her breasts.