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Is Customized Skincare Worth the Hype?

Posted September 27, 2019 by October 14th, 2020 Is it just us, or does it seem like personalization is the new black? Social media is awash with promos for tailor-made goods including jeans cut to your measurements, personalized vitamin blends, and subscription boxes geared towards your personal tastes. This trend extends to skincare. Perhaps you’ve seen the ads for Curology, Y’OUR, or other… click to continue reading

Minimalism Isn’t Just for Your Home or Closet—Discover the Joy of Simplifying Your Beauty Routine

Posted August 30, 2018 by October 14th, 2020 From Swedish death cleaning to the KonMari decluttering method, minimalism is having a moment. While cleaning up clutter, fixing hoarding habits, and making your environment more peaceful takes time and dedication, we can help make simplifying your beauty routine easier. Here are a few tips for getting started. Stick with a few key skincare products… click to continue reading

What Skincare Treatments Are Safe for Pregnant Women?

Posted January 2, 2018 by March 20th, 2018 Preparing to welcome a little one into your life can be an amazing experience, physically and emotionally. Some changes are welcome (hello, gorgeous curves!) and others not so much (crying at insurance commercials). And then there’s your skin. Some women enjoy more radiant skin than ever while they’re expecting, but for many others, that “pregnancy… click to continue reading

Can INFINI Improve Acne Scars?

Posted December 27, 2017 by October 14th, 2020 Acne is a frustrating part of life for many people, and it can leave a mark for years to come in the form of acne scars. recently featured the story of one woman who spent years struggling with acne—and how she finally found a fantastic new option to treat the pitted scars on her… click to continue reading

Is Hands-Free Sunscreen the Future?

Posted September 24, 2017 by October 14th, 2020 Imagine…you get to the beach, tote bag full of all your goodies, ready to bask in the glory of a beautiful day, except one crucial element is missing—your sunscreen. Applying sunscreen whenever you head outdoors is the most effective way to protect your skin from UV damage that causes wrinkles and brown spots, and can… click to continue reading

How Many of These Adult Acne Myths Did You Believe?

Posted October 26, 2017 by October 14th, 2020 Acne can seem like one of the world’s greatest mysteries—trying to definitively pinpoint what causes it, what puts you at risk, or how to effectively treat it has proven difficult even for medical experts. An article from PureWow recently resurfaced in our inbox, and it shines a light on some of the most common adult… click to continue reading

Can a Pill Protect Your Skin from the Sun? 4 Reasons to Skip “Edible Sunscreen”

Posted September 18, 2017 by October 14th, 2020 All day sun protection without having to slather on greasy sunscreen sounds too good to be true—and it is. While the temptation of “edible sunscreen” products that claim to protect you from the inside out is understandable, you’re better off sticking to more traditional topical products if you value the health of your skin. What… click to continue reading

Get the Deets About Vi Peel from Our Lovely Aesthetician, Krista

Posted July 11, 2017 by October 14th, 2020 Before & After: Vi Peel* before                                                  after Results are 3 months post-treatment In case you haven’t heard, the Parker Center is now offering the Vi Peel—and we can’t wait for you to see just how great this new option is! We recently sat down with Krista Wolford, one of our amazing aestheticians, to chat about… click to continue reading

Tired of Seeing Acne Scars? Advancements in Improving Scarring You Should Know About

Posted July 5, 2016 by October 14th, 2020 Wondering if there’s hope you can ever enjoy a complexion unmarred by acne scars? According to a report outlining a handful of recent advancements in scar care, all signs point to yes! Here’s the scoop. One clinical study published in Dermatology Surgery shows that participants gave a thumbs-up to two non-surgical methods for reducing scarring:… click to continue reading