Bridal Bliss: Planning Your Pre-Wedding Treatment Schedule

Bride on her wedding day in Paramus, NJ (model)

Every bride deserves to feel her very best on her wedding day, and The Parker Center is here to help. Our practice offers med spa treatments to slim, sculpt, and refine your look from head to toe. However, not all treatments can be completed just a few weeks before the big day. Whether you’re interested in BOTOX®, dermal fillers, or a bit of body contouring, it’s important for Paramus brides to schedule their appointments in advance. 

To make planning easier, we’ve broken down the most popular pre-wedding procedures into a basic guideline you can follow. Here’s how to schedule your favorite beauty treatments, starting 6 months before your wedding day.

6 Months: Laser Hair Removal

When you’re busy planning the best day of your life, shaving and waxing should be the last thing on your mind. Laser hair removal is a safe, easy way to enjoy smooth skin all year round. Our BBL device can remove hair in nearly any location, including the arms, legs, bikini line, and more. Because laser hair removal takes 4 to 6 sessions spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart, brides should start scheduling treatment around 6 months before the wedding (and honeymoon).

4 Months: CoolSculpting®

A healthy diet and regular exercise aren’t always enough to slim down. If you struggle with stubborn pockets of fat around the arms, legs, or midsection, a CoolSculpting session or two can help. CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical fat reduction treatment that literally freezes away unwanted fat cells. To look slim and elegant in your wedding dress, start CoolSculpting treatments at least 3 to 4 months in advance. 

2 Months: Microneedling

Almost there! Being this close to the wedding, you should focus on minimally invasive treatments that can even out your complexion. Microneedling offers a deeper level of resurfacing to reduce redness, improve skin tone, and create a beautiful, radiant glow. For the best results, start your microneedling treatment 2 to 3 months in advance, so your skin has time to bump up elastin and collagen. 

1 Month: BOTOX & Fillers

If you’re worried about having wrinkles or laugh lines in your wedding photos, injectables can give you a “airbrushed” look. BOTOX is an easy way to fade fine lines and dermal fillers can add youthful volume to the lips and cheeks. Because injectable results can be seen after only a few days, these treatments can be performed even a week before the wedding, if necessary. But for the best results, give yourself 2 to 4 weeks to ensure the most natural look and allow for touch-ups. 

Don’t let any of your cosmetic concerns hold you back from enjoying your special day. By timing your cosmetic procedures correctly, you can feel your very best as you walk down the aisle. Request a consultation or call (201) 967-1212 to learn more about BOTOX, dermal fillers, and other beauty treatment options offered here in Paramus.

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