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Before & After: Vi Peel*

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before                                                  after

Results are 3 months post-treatment

In case you haven’t heard, the Parker Center is now offering the Vi Peel—and we can’t wait for you to see just how great this new option is! We recently sat down with Krista Wolford, one of our amazing aestheticians, to chat about what makes the Vi Peel different and why you may want to add it to your beauty & skincare wishlist.

What are the most common concerns you hear from patients?

Aging is most definitely the number one concern I hear. Fine lines, creases, age spots, and even a generally duller complexion are normal, though unwelcome, things that happen over time. I also have a number of patients concerned with hyperpigmentation, brown spots, and acne. Ultimately, it boils down to patients simply wanting to look and feel better in general.

What is the Vi Peel? And why are you so excited to offer it to patients?

Technically, there are a few different types of Vi Peels, which allows us to fully customize treatment to each patient’s needs. There is one for aging skin, advanced aging skin, pigmented skin, acne-prone skin, you name it.

The Vi Peel is unique to many other options because it is formulated with many different ingredients to help improve your skin on multiple levels. Many of the Vi Peels have vitamin C for brightening, TCA and salicylic acid for removing old skin, and vitamin A for making the skin more youthful. Things like kojic acid may be used for those with acne or who hope to lighten brown spots, or even hydroquinone to help with more severe hyperpigmentation. Most other peels have the same three ingredients in varying strengths.

Because the Vi Peel is fairly gentle, we can also use it under the eyes or on the brow bone—places that are usually off limits with chemical peels. This is a wonderful way to help soften those fine lines around the eyes without a more invasive treatment.

What our patients love (and why I’m so happy to offer this) is the versatility of this peel. It means more targeted treatment and better results. It’s also cruelty- and paraben-free, so you can feel good about it!

Before & After: Vi Peel*

Vi Peel New Jersey Image

before                                                  after

Results are 9 days post-treatment

What can patients expect during and after treatment?

The actual application of peel is similar to most chemical peels, barring a few key differences. I find it easier to apply and the process is pretty much painless. The Vi Peel also doesn’t require the skin preconditioning that more in-depth peels do, making the treatment quick and easy. The Vi Peel also contains phenol, which has some numbing properties. It’s pretty neat. The fact that there isn’t really any pain involved is a huge, huge benefit. Some other peels can get “hot,” and while it’s a tolerable sensation, it can definitely be uncomfortable. The Vi isn’t!

Treatment typically takes just 15 minutes and then you’re done! After the peel, it’s totally normal to experience a bit of redness and itchiness, with peeling starting after the first 48 hours and lasting around 4 – 6 days. The most intense peeling will occur around day three or four and then taper off over the next few days. It’s important to understand that while the peel application is gentle, skin peeling is a necessary factor. That old, dead skin just has to go!

If you’re worried about walking into work with a red, peeling face, having your Vi Peel done on a Wednesday or Thursday is perfect; the worst of it will happen over the weekend. By around day 7, you’ll start noticing a healthier, brighter, more beautiful complexion.

How many Vi Peels are recommended for the best results?

I tell all of my patients that you will see a nice difference after your first Vi Peel, but for this peel to be super effective, you really need to do a series. Generally, a series of three peels spaced two to three weeks apart can do wonders.

Once I help a patient achieve the results they’re looking for, I typically recommend returning maybe once per year for a maintenance treatment.

See what the Vi Peel can do for you!

As you can see, all of us here at the Parker Center are pretty excited to now offer this wonderful resurfacing solution. If you’d like to learn more or explore your other options, we welcome you to contact us today to schedule a consultation and skin evaluation. We’d love to work with you toward achieving your best skin yet!

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