How Many of These Adult Acne Myths Did You Believe?

Adult with acne surprised looking in mirror

Acne can seem like one of the world’s greatest mysteries—trying to definitively pinpoint what causes it, what puts you at risk, or how to effectively treat it has proven difficult even for medical experts. An article from PureWow recently resurfaced in our inbox, and it shines a light on some of the most common adult acne myths. To help ease your mind, we wanted to share some of the untruths they busted, plus some tried and true options for clearing your skin.

Myth: Acne is an adolescent problem

Puberty is bundled with plenty of unpleasant occurrences, including pimples. In fact, a whopping 80% of people between the ages of 12 and 24 experience breakouts. It’s so common in teenagers that people lose sight of the fact that millions of adults also suffer from the condition. According to a survey from the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 30% of women between the ages of 30 – 39 and 26% of those between 40 – 49 report having acne.

Myth: Your personal habits are causing your pimples

Chances are that your latest breakout isn’t because you forget to wash your face. Though your diet and personal hygiene can impact your skin health, forgoing a full cleanse one night isn’t likely the root cause of your latest acne breakout. Your genetics, hormones, diet, and pollution are much more likely to blame.

In fact, if you wash your face too often, you might be exacerbating the problem by stripping your skin of natural oils. If this happens, your body overcompensates by producing more oils, which in turn clog your pores and lead to inflammation.

Myth: A spot of toothpaste will clear up a zit

Contrary to popular belief, the idea that toothpaste can quickly alleviate a pimple is totally false. At best, the toothpaste will leave you smelling minty fresh. At worst, it will dry out your skin and irritate your already inflamed spot. Avoid the Crest and instead opt for a medical-grade product.

Don’t feel defeated! We have some tried & true solutions

Now that we’ve cleared up some of the most common myths, let’s talk about what can actually help you if you’re struggling with acne. One of the best things you can do for your skin is to work with a professional who can thoroughly examine your skin, properly diagnose the type of acne you have, and make expert recommendations for treatments and products that will help.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to the blemishes, we encourage you to contact us today. Dr. Parker and his highly trained and licensed aestheticians have many years of experience helping patients just like you enjoy acne-free skin. Our advanced acne treatment protocol was developed to treat acne at its root cause while also improving the visible effects of acne—and it is designed to adapt to every patient’s unique needs. What do you have to lose (except your acne)?

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