Minimalism Isn’t Just for Your Home or Closet—Discover the Joy of Simplifying Your Beauty Routine

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From Swedish death cleaning to the KonMari decluttering method, minimalism is having a moment. While cleaning up clutter, fixing hoarding habits, and making your environment more peaceful takes time and dedication, we can help make simplifying your beauty routine easier.

Here are a few tips for getting started.

Stick with a few key skincare products that actually work

If you’ve fallen into the trap of purchasing celeb-recommended specialty products or multi-step skin systems in the hope of helping your skin, we don’t blame you. It’s hard to resist those promises. However, dozens of bottles of products aren’t required to keep your skin happy and healthy—what is required are the right high-quality products, selected to precisely suit your skin (not Kim’s or Andie’s or Gwyneth’s!).

If your arsenal of products just aren’t giving you the results you need, we encourage you to consult with a medically-trained skin professional to find a simplified, proven routine. Not only do professional skin treatments help you enjoy healthier skin in the long run, a medical aesthetician can make tailored recommendations for your specific needs.

Medical-grade skincare products also provide more consistent, effective results because they are formulated with stronger ingredients, so you’ll have fewer products that work better. The truth is, all the celebs we admire for having great skin are probably doing exactly this (except when they are paid to try out and then endorse a product).

Once you’ve nailed down your personal skincare routine, you can simply enjoy your glow and ignore all the latest-flash-in-the-pan-product hype.

Declutter your makeup drawer

As your tastes changes, trends come and go, or you toss random buys into your makeup drawer, your beauty collection can skyrocket. This not only takes up physical space, it also makes it hard to simply apply your key products and get out the door.

To winnow down your collection, think about what makeup looks you feel the most confident wearing daily and get rid of novelty products you bought on impulse, thinking you should “change up your look” or it “might be good for a special occasion.” (If you end up scoring an invite to the Met Gala, you probably won’t be resorting to the stuff sitting around in your drawer anyway!) Stick with your personal makeup classics, enjoy a simplified routine, and let your confidence shine through.

While you are at it, be sure to toss any products that are old. If you’re feeling hesitant, remember that expired products can easily harbor bacterial growth. Every makeup product you own should have a small graphic on the label that says how long you can use a product after it’s been opened.

But what about new or nearly-new products you simply haven’t used? If tossing them feels wasteful, consider gifting them to a friend or donating unwanted makeup to women in need (products like lipstick and eyeliner can be refreshed and sanitized). You’ll clear up space and help others.

A little-known secret to minimizing: permanent makeup

To further minimize your makeup routine without sacrificing your look, consider permanent makeup and microblading. By placing pigment into your skin to fill brows, line the eyes, or provide a base lip color, our permanent makeup specialists can give you results that look natural and last for years.

It’s especially wonderful for busy, active people who can’t have their makeup fail at important times, travel a lot, or simply want to keep looking great right on through intense workouts. And just think how easy your morning routine will be!

Put your beauty products on double duty

You may be surprised to find that some of your classic makeup items can be used in multiple ways.

Take advantage of the monochromatic trend. Single shade looks have been in for the last year or so—and this trend only seems to be growing. This is great news for minimalists, as it allows you to perk up your entire face with just a few products. Have a favorite peach blush? After applying to your cheeks, swipe a thin layer over your eyelids and tap some on top of your go-to lip balm with your finger. Apply some eyeliner and mascara, and you’re good to go!

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Use lip gloss to give your face some extra radiance. A clear gloss can be dabbed virtually anywhere on your face to add a little extra vibrancy and natural highlight, such as the center of your eyelids, along the high points of your cheeks, and down the bridge of your nose.

How do you approach minimalist beauty? We’d love to hear your tips in the comments below!

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