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Definition Brows Microblading in Paramus, NJ

Celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Emilia Clarke, and Gigi Hadid have become well-known for a seemingly insignificant part of the face: their eyebrows. Over the last few years, fuller, darker, and more natural looking brows have become the go-to look—much to the dismay of anyone who naturally has sparse or thin eyebrows. A plethora of gels, powders, and brushes designed especially for the brows landed in makeup bags everywhere, though replicating a gorgeous arch or perfecting brush strokes can be a difficult task.

If the above sounds familiar, we have good news: the Parker Center is pleased to now offer microblading, a long-lasting solution for filling and shaping your eyebrows.

How microblading works

Microblading, also known as eyebrow feathering, is an eyebrow tattoo technique that provides natural-looking, semi-permanent results. A small, handheld tool with around 6 – 14 blade-shaped micro-needles is used to push pigment into the outermost layer of skin (epidermis) using feather-like strokes.

The result is fine, crisp, natural-looking strokes of pigment that mimic the appearance of your real eyebrow hairs—for up to two years.

What’s the difference between microblading & permanent makeup?

Microblading is a gentler pigment-placing method than permanent makeup. This is largely due to the use of a hand-held tool rather than a machine-driven device. A trained, experienced provider uses a gentle but firm touch to deposit pigment close to the surface of the skin with very little discomfort.

The permanent makeup technique implants pigment into deeper layers of the skin using a single needle driven by a rotary machine, similar to a tattoo gun. It can take a few weeks to heal, and results can last up to around three years before a retouch is recommended. While microblading results are not quite as long-lasting as permanent makeup, they do look more natural.

Your microblading treatment at the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Our talented aesthetician will begin by shaping and styling your eyebrows based on your input and facial proportions. During this process, you’ll get to weigh in on what you like or dislike, and you will ultimately approve the final shape, thickness, and color.

Once you are satisfied with the look of your brows, the procedure will begin. A topical anesthetic will be applied to your brow area, ensuring you are comfortable throughout the session. When you’re properly numb, our aesthetician will begin applying your chosen pigment in short strands, following the guidelines she created during the shaping portion of the appointment. The entire process can take anywhere from two to three hours from start to finish.

To achieve the best results, we may recommend that you come in for multiple treatment sessions. All patients should return for at least one perfecting treatment around three to six weeks after your initial procedure, during which time we can make any touch ups, darken the pigment, or address any concerns you may have.

How do I care for my brows after microblading?

If you have a tattoo, your microblading aftercare instructions may seem a little familiar! It’s important to follow your provider’s instructions to ensure your brows heal properly and that you end up with an even, beautiful result.

After your procedure, you can resume your normal day-to-day activities, with a few exceptions:

  • Do not apply makeup directly on the brows while they’re healing;
  • That also goes for most daily skincare, anti-aging, or healing products;
  • Avoid peroxide, Neosporin, and any topical products not approved by your provider;
  • Keep brows as dry as possible and if they get wet, gently pat with a soft towel;
  • Don’t pick! Avoid rubbing or scratching as well, even if a scab or dry patch appears;
  • Keep sun exposure to a minimum, and absolutely do not go to a tanning bed;
  • Apply provided aftercare products as directed.

Most of our patients report that recovery is quick and easy—and that they are enjoying their fuller, shapelier brows worry-free within a few weeks. We recommend being gentle and applying your aftercare products for the first six weeks, after which point the area should be fully healed.

If you’d like to learn more about microblading, we invite you to contact us and schedule your consultation!