Male Chest Lift Options

About the Procedure

Male chest lift is a procedure for men who need more than liposuction to achieve masculine chest contours. Men who have lost significant amounts of weight, or male patients with severe gynecomastia, may need this procedure to remove excess skin.

Liposuction Only for Patient with Good Skin Contraction

The skin of younger male patients has a tremendous capability to contract once the bulk of the underlying breast is reduced. For this reason, except in cases of dramatic skin excess, Dr. Parker usually reduces the volume of the breast first with chest liposuction, without removing any skin, even in patients with relative skin excess.

Before & After: Chest Liposuction Only*

New Jersey GynecomastiaNew Jersey Gynecomastia

before                                             after

This 39 year old patient was bothered by the appearance of his chest. Because he had good skin tone, Dr. Parker performed liposuction only to sculpt a flatter chest contour, removing 425 cc of fat from the right breast and 400 cc of fat from the left. He is very happy with the results.

Once the patient’s surgical result has stabilized, usually 6 months to 1 year post-operatively, the need for any skin removal can be reassessed. We often see that sufficient skin retraction has occurred, and the need for skin removal is no longer necessary, thus avoiding the creation of additional scarring. If skin removal is deemed necessary, it is usually less than would have been performed if it were done at the time of the original surgery. This “staged” approach to skin removal is also useful if Dr. Parker is uncertain about the need for skin removal when evaluating the patient initially.

Incision Options for Excess Skin Removal

In some patients, the skin excess is so significant that the need for some type of skin removal can be predicted with confidence by Dr. Parker when evaluating the patient at the initial consultation. When this is necessary, removal of excess skin is performed in a “graded” approach.

Patients with a moderate amount of skin excess have their excess skin removed using a circular periareolar incision. This leaves a scar around the areola only, which typically heals well because of the color differential between the darker areola and the lighter surrounding skin.


In patients with larger skin excess, it may be necessary to add a vertical component to the periareolar skin incision, using what is termed a circumvertical skin incision. The leaves a “lollipop” type scar on the breast. Normally, this scar fades over time to the color of the surrounding skin.


Patients with even more skin need the incision extended outwardly along the inframammary crease. This allows removal of a substantial amount of skin and leaves a somewhat “extended lollipop” type scar on the breast: this is called an extended circumvertical skin incision.

All of these incisions are carefully closed by Dr. Parker with several layers of absorbable sutures to make the resultant scarring as unnoticeable as possible. Using today’s modern techniques, it’s would be very unusual to have to leave a horizontal scar, or “anchor” incision, on a male breast.

Before & After: Peri-Areolar Chest Lift*

New Jersey Gynecomastia Reduction

before                                             after

Male Chest Lift New Jersey can be combined with other body procedures such as liposuction, abdominoplasty, or facial rejuvenation procedures.

Ideal Candidates

The ideal candidates for a male chest lift procedure are healthy, emotionally stable males of any age–we have operated on patients in their teens as well as those into their 60s. Men whose skin has good elasticity are ideal, but the male chest lift can correct gynecomastia even for patients with poor skin elasticity through periareolar or circumvertical incisions, as shown in the patient below.

Before & After: Circumvertical Chest Lift*

before                                             after

This 38 year old patient was concerned about sagging, excess breast skin and tissue. He had recently lost weight with diet and exercise, which exacerbated the sagging appearance. Dr. Parker performed liposuction along with a circumvertical mastopexy to remove the excess fat, skin and glandular tissue. The patient is thrilled with his appearance and has since been motivated to lose even more weight.

The Surgery

Treatment is performed under either general anesthesia or intravenous sedation, monitored by our board certified anesthesiologists, in our fully certified surgical center. The surgery takes one to two hours to perform, depending on the technique used. You will be able to go home after spending about 1 hour in our recovery room.


Most patients say they feel a little sore, with some mild to moderate bruising & swelling after a male chest lift, but pain is minimal. You will wear a snug-fitting compression garment for 1 to 3 weeks, which you can remove to shower starting the day after surgery. You should be able to return to work and normal activities of daily living within several days and light exercise can be started at one week and full exercise at two weeks.